Class VII DPS 2019-20 Notebooks Set for Class-7 (Set of 25 Books) DPS 2019-20 Notebooks Set for Class-7 (Set of 25 Books)

DPS 2019-20 Notebooks Set for Class-7 (Set of 25 Books)


Note Books Bundle- Class VII Singleline Notebook 76 Pages-Total 20 Nos. of Books (2 for English, 4 for Mathematics, 2 for Physics, 2 for Chemistry, 2 for Hindi, 4 for History/Civics, 2 for Geography,2 for Sanskrit/French/German), Singleline Interleaf Notebook 76 Pages-Total 3 Nos. of book (1 for Mathematics, 2 for Biology), Hard Bound Cover A4 Siz..

English- New Communicate in English-- Literature Reader


New Communicate in English Literature Reader for std VII book published by Ratna Sagar will empower learners to communicate and express themselves in English by focusing on the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of the student...

English- New Grammar and More


Grammar & More gives students a clear understanding of the basic rules of English grammar. The Comprehension section enables students to activate four different comprehension strategies - predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarizing, which help them understand a text...

Maths- Empowering Mental Maths Cum Practice Book


This is a textbook called 'Empowering Mental Maths Cum Practice Book'. This textbook is meant to impart knowledge of Empowering Mental Maths for students in an interesting and interactive way...

Maths- Mathematics by R.S.Aggarwal Class 7


This popular book is based on the syllabus followed by CBSE schools. The text is lucid and to the point. Solved problems covering all aspects of the topic are followed by graded exercises that satisfy the requirements of CCE...

Science- Living Science


Living Science std VII : Living Science is planned as a skill - based series of books that emphasize thinking skills, research skills, experimental skills, application skills and life skills...

French- Apprenons Le Francais Methode de francais- 3


Apprenons le francais - 3 has been written for the very young students who are getting acquainted with a foreign language and culture. All the concepts of grammar, culture and civilisation in the 10 lessons have been simplified by using English as the medium of instruction. Great care has been taken to keep the instructions to the bare minimum so a..

German- Hallo Deutsch -2 Text Book and


This is Hello Deutsch – Text book and Workbook 2. This book is an endeavour to provide learners of German a colourful and well structured book that has situations, pictures and information they can enjoy or identify with...

Hindi- Gunjan Hindi Pathamala


This is a Textbook called 'Gunjan Hindi Pathmala'. This textbok is meant to impart knowledge of Gunjan Hindi Pathmala for students in an interesting and interactive way...

Hindi- Main aur Mera Vyakaran


The book is prescribed for Hindi Grammar course designed for std VII students of CBSE Board students.This textbook builds on the Hindi Grammar concepts learnt by NCERT students of std VII...

Sanskrit- Saraswati Vyakaran (Part 2)


New Saraswati Manika Sanskrit Vyakaran Part 2 is a Sanskrit Grammar textbook prescribed for std VII students. It is published for the schools affiliated with CBSE Board (NCERT)...

Social Science- Getting Ahead in Social Science


New Getting Ahead in Social Science is based on the CBSC syllabus. It is published by Orient Blackswan and has been formulated according to CBSE Board curriculum...

Social Science- Path finder Map practice


The Pathfinder Social Science Provides you with all you need to achieve and accomplish the learning goals in accordance with the latest education pattern...

Computer- Together with Computer Chrome


This book is a Computer textbook by Rachna Sagar for std VII. The book has been written according to the general guidelines of CBSE Board. The book comes with a CD for better understanding. It consists of theoretical and practical topics on new software's...

Sanskrit- Ruchira (Part 2)


Ruchira part 2 is a textbook of Sanskrit for the students of std VII. This Sanskrit textbook is published by NCERT. It has been constructed according to the guidelines laid by CBSE board...

Singleline Notebook 76 Pages


Singleline Notebook- Total 20 Number of books. 2 for english, 4 for maths, 4 for science, 2 for hindi, 4 for history/civics, 2 for geography,2 for (sanskrit/french/german)..

Singleline Interleaf Notebook 76 Pages


Singleline Interleaf Notebook- Total 3 Number of books. 1 for mathematics, 2 for biology..

Graph Book


Graph book for Mathematics..

Book Cover Paper


DPS Logo Paper Book cover for All Notebook..

Book Cover Plastic Transparent


Plastic Transparent Notebook cover for All Notebook..

Poster Colour 12 Shades 1 Box


Camel Poster Colors are bold, bright and opaque. They are easy to mix, flow easily and dry quickly, making painting a delightful experience. Pack contains 12 shades of assorted poster colors..

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