Bal Bharti Class 2

Bal bharti school Class 2 School Books

English My Canvas Course Book Class 2


My Canvas is an all-inclusive course in English with a focus on developing skills and building language competencies.A blended learning tool, the course has been designed to teach language for effective communication...

Hindi Madhup Class 2



General knowledge times -ll


The series contain 11 books from K-VIII focusing on learning rather than teaching the subject. The primary goal is to let the children do what they like to do!..

Viva Environmental studies Class 2


Environmental Studies is a carefully graded set of five books. It strictly follows the NCF guidelines and the NCERT syllabus. Lucid explanations accompanied by varied and colourful illustrations facilitate learning through visual stimulation. The books aim to gently train children to see the harmony between society and ..

Startup art and craft book-ll



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