Don Bosco Class 12

English-Flamingo NCERT Book for Class 12


This textbook of English is called 'Flamingo'. This textbook is designed for an interesting and innovative journey of learning of English literature and is prescribed in Private as well as in Public schools. This English textbook is in accordance with school’s syllabus and also helps students to prepare for CBSE Boards...

English-Vistas NCERT Book for Class 12


Vistas (Core Course) - Supplementary Reader in English has been published by NCERT. It is ideal for the students of std XII, who are eager to score their best in the board examination...

Physics Part-1 NCERT Book for Class 12


Physics Textbook For std XII (Part I) by NCERT is a book that is designed for the students of std XII CBSE. Part I is dedicated to cover the concepts of physics. The book is divided into several chapters with each chapter covering different concepts of physics...

Physics Part-2 NCERT Book for Class 12


NCERT Physics Part 2 Textbook of Science is for the students who are pursuing science stream through English medium. It strictly follows the CBSE pattern of examination and hence is an apt study material for the preparation of school and CBSE Board examination...

Chemistry Part I-NCERT Book for Class 12


This is the Part 1 of the textbook of Chemistry published by NCERT that is meant for students in std XII. This Chemistry textbook is prescribed to both public and private schools who are teaching Science stream through English medium...

Chemistry Part II-NCERT Book for Class 12


This textbook of Chemistry Part 2 has well - covered chapters that are included in the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Published by NCERT, this book is designed with the purpose to explore not only the importance of the viewpoints of chemistry but also recommend schemes or tactics that will make the learning ..

Biology- NCERT Book for Class 12


Biology – Textbook for std XII, published by National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), is a comprehensive set of three books for std XII students. It defines the focus of study and helps in using it in a better way. The book conforms to the latest syllabus and exam pattern...

Mathematics Part I-NCERT Book for Class 12


Mathematics Part I - std XII is a comprehensive text that covers a variety of important and fundamental topics in maths for the XIIth grade. Further, this is the first of numerous parts, and is the most important for it forms the base for the other books which expound on the topics therein provided. They have been set keeping the CBSE curriculum an..

Mathematics Part II - NCERT Book for Class 12


Published by NCERT, this Mathematics Textbook remains a favourite among the students of std XII. It has been compiled by keeping in mind the syllabus, which has been prescribed by the CBSE. Besides, it comes with lucid language that helps the students to grasp the elementary concepts very easily. This first edition comes in a paperback form...

Accountancy-Financial Statements Analysis NCERT book for


An NCERT publication, this Accountancy Textbook Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements will be a boon for the students of std XII to learn core accountancy. It comes written in fluid English that will help the students to grasp the concepts of accountancy quite easily. Besides, it adheres to the syllabus and guidelines that have been..

Business Studies-Principles and Functions of Management


A perfect tool to enlighten the students about the principles and functions of the management is this textbook of Business Studies (Part 1). Written in lucid language, it also helps them to get an idea of the importance of the business environment as well as the impact of government policy on the industry. ‘Key terms’ section at the end of every ch..

Business Studies-Business Finance and Marketing NCERT Book


Ideal for any std XII student, who is pursuing the Commerce stream, this Business Studies Part - II Business Finance and Marketing textbook will give the students an in-depth knowledge of financial management, marketing and entrepreneurship development. Besides, it has been published by the NCERT and it follows the syllabus and guidelines that have..

Introductory Microeconomics NCERT Book for Class 12


A great handbook to learn the different phenomenon of Economics, this Introductory Microeconomics - Textbook remains an all - time favourite amongst students who are preparing for their std XII examinations...

Introductory Macroeconomics NCERT Book for Class 12


This is 'Introductory Macroeconomics' Textbook for std XII. It is an Economics textbook based on CBSE guidelines and is a very important textbook for Economics (arts stream) students. Introductory Macroeconomics textbook is also recommended for std XII students aspiring for competitive and entrance examinations and this economics subject text book..

History-Themes in Indian History Part-I NCERT Book for


This edition of Themes in Indian History Part - 1 is a must-have textbook for anyone who is a part of std XII. It has been published by NCERT and closely follows the syllabus that has been laid out by the CBSE. Besides, it contains fluid English, which makes it simple for any student to understand...

History-Themes in Indian History Part-II NCERT Book for


An apt choice for students of std XII, this textbook (Part – 2) will give the students an insight of Indian history. It has been published by NCERT and strictly follows the guidelines and syllabus defined by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This paperback book has been designed to enrich the knowledge of the students about the Mugha..

History-Themes in Indian History Part-III NCERT Book for


Themes in Indian History part 3 is part of the same series and a sequel to part 1 and 2. It is designed for students of std XII and follows the syllabus laid out by the National Council of Education Research and Training. The book in written in a lucid language and the usage of graphical illustrations help in getting a better idea and grasping of t..

Political Sci.-Politics in India since Independence NCERT


Politics in India Since Independence’ - this textbook on Political Science is for those students, who are to appear for their board exams in 2019. This paperback edition consists of 194 pages with each chapter written in lucid language so that students are able to understand the basic concept. This book follows the latest syllabus as prescribed by ..

Political Sci.-Contemporary World Politics NCERT Book for


This Contemporary World Politics, by the National Council of Education Research and Training, (NCERT) is a book on Political Science designed for the students, who would be appearing for their std XII board examinations in 2019. This edition of the book contains all the chapters that are prescribed by the CBSE. This paperback book with 150 pages ha..

Saraswati Health and Physical Education Class 12 2021


The Board has decided to mainstream Health and Physical Education for students of classes IX to XII with a primary aim to ensure holistic development of children and to create well -balanced individuals in all walks of life. This programme has been made compulsory for all affiliated schools of CBSE...

Psychology NCERT Book for Class 12


Psychology is a comprehensive book for std XII students who have taken up Psychology as one of their main subjects. It is essential for the students who follow the NCERT board and syllabus for their XIIth standard examinations...

Geography -Fundamentals of Human Geography NCERT Book for


Fundamentals of Human Geography' is a Geography textbook for the students of std XII, who are studying through English medium. It is published by NCERT that strictly follows the guidelines of CBSE as it is prescribed in schools. This is a good source of knowledge and is built to educate students about Geography subject...

Geography-India People and Economy NCERT Book for Class 12


India People and Economy – this is a Geography Textbook for the students of std XII belonging to the Humanities stream. Published by NCERT, this book is based on the guidelines and syllabus outlined by Central Board of Secondary Education. The topics are well covered and written in a lucid language so that students find them easy to understand...

Geography-Pratical Work NCERT Book for Class 12


NCERT has published this textbook of Geography called 'Practical Work in Geography' under the guidelines of CBSE and hence it is a complete study material for CBSE exams. This textbook is titled Practical Work in Geography Part 2 and is meant for the students of std XII of humanities/arts stream who are preparing for CBSE Boards...

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