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DPS Text books set for Class 6 (Set of 10 Books) 2021-22


Std - VI  Text Books Bundle :- All books are prescribed by Delhi public School-Nerul -2021-22 edition1-New Communication in English -literature reader2-New Grammar & More 3-Mathematics by R S Aggarwal4-Empowering mental math cum practice Book5-Living Science-66-Computer Chrome7-Getting ahead in Social Science8-Map Practice (Social Science)..

DPS Note books set for Class 6 (Set of 25 ) 2021-22


Single-line Notebook 76 Pages -Total 20 Nos.(2 for English, 4 for Maths, 4 for Science,  2 for Optional Subject, 2 for Marathi & 6 for Social Science).Single-line Interleaf Notebook 76 Pages-Total 3 Nos.( 1 for Maths & 2 for Biology).Scrap Book 50 pages 01 Nos for Math.A4 Size Art Book ( Covered by Green Paper) Total 1 Nos. for A..

English - New Communicate in English - Literature Reader


New Communicate in English Literature Reader for std VI book published by Ratna Sagar will empower learners to communicate and express themselves in English by focusing on the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of the student...

English- New Grammar and More 6


Grammar & More gives students a clear understanding of the basic rules of English grammar. The Comprehension section enables students to activate four different comprehension strategies — predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarizing, which help them understand a text. Students need to communicate in acceptable standard English and to use..

Mathematics for Class 6 R.S.Aggarwal 2021-22 edition


This popular book is based on the syllabus followed by CBSE schools. The text is lucid and to the point. Solved problems covering all aspects of the topic are followed by graded exercises that satisfy the requirements of CCE...

Maths- Empowering Mental Maths Cum Practice Material Class 6


This is a textbook called 'Empowering Mental Maths'. This textbook is meant to impart knowledge of Empowering Mental Maths for students in an interesting and interactive way...

NCERT Mathematics Exemplar Problem for Class 6
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NCERT Mathematics Exemplar Problem for Class 6


NCERT Mathematics Exemplar Problem for Class 6..

Science- Living Science Class 6


Living Science std VI : Living Science is planned as a skill - based series of books that emphasize thinking skills, research skills, experimental skills, application skills and life skills...

Gunjan Hindi Pathamala Class 6


This is a Textbook called 'Gunjan Hindi Pathmala'. This textbok is meant to impart knowledge of Gunjan Hindi Pathmala for students in an interesting and interactive way.** This is tentative price for pre-booking. Actual price will be displayed on receipt of stock from Publisher. Any short amount paid will be collected and any higher amount paid wil..

Nayi Gulmohar Hindi Vyakaran Class 6


Nayi Gulmohar Hindi Vyakaran Class 6..

French- Apprenons Le Francais Method De Francais-2 Class 6


Apprenons Le Français, a Bestselling series in French. Language - French. Pages - 120. Dimension - 8.50 X 11.00...

German- Hallo Deutsch!-I Class 6


This is Hello Deutsch – text book and workbook 1. This book is an endeavour to provide learners of German a colourful and well structured book that has situations, pictures and information they can enjoy or identify with...

Manika Sanskrit Vyakaran-1 Class 6


सरल व आकर्षक भाषा-शैली का प्रयोग व्याकरण का स्पष्ट व व्याख्यात्मक ज्ञान पुस्तक के प्रत्येक खंड में रचनात्मक मूल्यांकन विविधतापूर्ण अभ्यास सामग्री व्यावहारिक ज्ञान पर बल व्याकरण के बिंदुओं का उचित समावेश पूर्णतः पाठ्यपुस्तक पर आधारित..

Sanskrit- NCERT Ruchira Part-1Class 6


Sanskrit has always remained so popular in the linguistics study of the modern world. This textbook of Ruchira Bhag – 1 is written in simple, easy to understand format that will help the students to dive deep into the study of an old dialect. Published by NCERT, this textbook contains all those chapters that are prescribed by the CBSE for the stude..

Social Science- Getting Ahead in Social Science Class 6


New Success with GettingAhead in Social Science is 6-8 series is based on the CBSC syllabus, and i totally compliant with the requirements of Continues and Comprehensive Evalution (CCE)...

Social Science- MAP PRATICE Book Class 6


Social Science-MAP PRACTICE Provides you with all you need to achieve and accomplish the learning goals in accordance with the latest education pattern. This series has been developed by renowned authors, who are masters in their subject with proven records of helping students achieve top grades...

Marathi Sulabhbharti Class 6 Maharashtra State Board


Maharashtra Board Books for the Class 6 are designed in such a way that subject Marathi Sulabhbharti Book explained in a language that is easy for the students to understand. Books play a significant role in the overall development of the student. Textbooks provide knowledge about a chapters wise and each chapter comprises several topics. The ..

Computer Chrome Class 6


Rachna Sagar Computer Chrome for Class 6' is a Computer textbook by Rachna Sagar for class 6. The book has been written according to the syllabus norms laid by CBSE Board. It consists of theoretical and practical topics on new software's like - Kidpix, Instant Artist Movie Make, Flash, Java and MS- office 2007 etc..The book comes with a CD for bett..

Singleline Notebook 76 Pages


Note:-This NoteBook are Prescribed by DPS School Nerul..

Scrap Book 32 Pages


Note:-This NoteBook are Prescribed by DPS School Nerul..

Singleline Interleaf Notebook 76 Pages


Note:-This NoteBook are Prescribed by DPS School Nerul..

A4 Size Art Book


Best A4 Size Art Book OnlineNote:-This NoteBook are Prescribed by DPS School Nerul..

Book Cover Paper


DPS Logo Paper Book cover for All Notebook..

Book Cover Plastic Transparent


Plastic Transparent Notebook cover for All Notebook..

Poster Colour 12 Shades 1 Box


Camel Poster Colors are bold, bright and opaque. They are easy to mix, flow easily and dry quickly, making painting a delightful experience. Pack contains 12 shades of assorted poster colors..

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