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ECHOES -A Collection of Short Stories and REVERIE - A


ECHOES -a Collection of Short stories & REVERIE A collection of ISC Poems..

Reverie A Collection of ISC Poems Workbook


ISC Reverie Workbook for Class 11 & 12 is based on the latest ISC syllabus. The book provides intensive practice in writing proper answers to the questions expected in the examination. It contains a variety of questions on each poem covering all possible topics on content, form and style. The book has description about the author, poem, theme, ..

The Tempest : Oxford School Shakespeare


The Oxford School Shakespeare,a well-established series, has set the standard for many years and the new editions have even clearer notes, explanations and photographs of stage productions...

Art of Effective English ISC Class 11


This set of books in its revised form has an elaborate section for effective essay writing and report writing. All compositions that have been asked in the ICSE Examinations, from the year 1995 to the present year, have been given. The section on grammar has more number of exercises, specifically pertaining to questions asked in previous years. Oth..

The Tempest (A. W. Verity Edition) Text With


The Tempest (A. W. Verity Edition) Text With ParaphraseXavier Pinto, P. S. Latika..

Total English Class 11 ISC by Xavier Pinto 2021


Total English Class 11 ISC by Xavier Pinto 2022..

Total English Class 11 ISC by Xavier Pinto 2022


Total English Class 11 ISC by Xavier Pinto 2022..

I.S.C. Prc.Chemistry


Strictly according to the latest syllabus for ISC (Calss XI) prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, the book has been throughly revised, enlarged and updated...

ISC Chemistry (Book 1) by Dr.R.D Madan class 11
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ISC Chemistry (Book 1) by Dr.R.D Madan class 11


Authored by Dr. R. D. Madan and B.S. Bisht, this ISC Chemistry Book part 1 will be a boon for the students of class 11. It comes written in fluid English that will let the students easily understand the clear instructions...

ISC Chemistry Class 11 (Part 1 and 2)by K L Chugh
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A Textbook of ISC Biology Class 11 By Sarita Aggarwal 2022
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A Textbook of ISC Biology Class 11 By Sarita Aggarwal 2022

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The language used is simple and lucid which keeps the interest of the students alive till the end of the topic.Questions asked in Previous ISC examinations as well as questions on the pattern of ISC examinations.Summary at the end of the chapter...

Modern's abc+ Of ISC Biology Class 11 Part 1 and 2 by B. B.


Modern's abc + of Biology for class XI, written by very well-known authors of the subject, is a comprehensive book written in simple language with lucid presentation of subject matter. It meets the requirements of senior secondary/pre-degree students appearing for their Board examination and also fulfils the requirement of students preparing for di..

Srijan Biology For ISC Class 11 by Veer Bala Rastogi (Base


Srijan Biology for ISC schools is strictly based on the latest ISC Syllabus, 2021 effective for the session 2019-2020 onwards for Class-11...

APC Understanding ISC Mathematics Class-11 (2 Vol.) By M.L.


Strictly according to the Syllabus prepared by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi for students appearing for Class – XI examination in 2020 and onwards...

ISC Mathematics (Book 1) Class 11 by S.K.Gupta


ISC Mathematics For Class XI (Book I) is a comprehensive book for Class-XI students studying in schools affiliated to the syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The book covers the latest syllabus of the Indian..

ISC Mathematics Book I For Class 11 2022 by O. P. Malhotra


S Chand's ISC Mathematics is structured according to the latest syllabus as per the new CISCE(Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), New Delhi, for ISC students taking classes XI & XII examinations...

ISC Mathematics Class 11 Volume I and II by R. D. Sharma


This revised edition of the book “ISC Mathematics for Class XI” is based on the latest syllabus prescribed by Council for Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examination held in 2020 and onwards. Set of TWO Volumes...

APC Understanding I.S.C. Computer Science (Java with Blue


The books "Understanding Computer Science" Java with BlueJ have been introduced in two volumes (Std. XI & Std. XII). The introductory volume aims to provide the fundamental knowledge of computer hardware and software. Boolean algebra provides the basic idea of different types of logic circuits used in the field of computer science. It also includes..

Themes In World History Class 11by Raghunath Rai
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Textbook of Computer Science with Java for Class 11 ISC


This book is now completely based on the revised syllabus of computer Science subject for Class XL. While writing the content of this book, The intended aims of the subject have been kept in mind while keeping the explanations balanced and, lucid. This revised edition carries the same student-friendly presentation style like previous editions. This..

Frank ISC Economics Class 11 By D K Sethi for the Year 2023


Frank ISC Economics Class 11 By D K Sethi 2023..

ISC Economics class 11 by Dr. Abhijit Das and Dr. Kalyan


S Chand's ISC Economics (for Classes XI and XII) has been revised strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi...

ISC Economics Part 1 For Class 11by J. P. Goel


The presentation of the text has been made more clear and understandable. Substitutions and replacements, wherever required, have been made to design the subject matter strictly according to the prescribed syllabus. Latest data and information have been provided relating to the Indian Economy. Chapter outline is given at the beginning of every chap..

APC I.S.C. Commerce Class 11 2020 edition By T.N. Chhabra,


The whole subject-matter has been presented in a simple language and student friendly style for the benefit of beginners in the discipline of management. Adequate emphasis has been given to conceptual clarity, working of business processes and application of basic concepts to satisfy the three learning objectives, i.e, Knowledge, Understanding and ..

APC New ISC Accountancy Class 11 by D. K. Goel , Rajesh Goel


The book has been written in a simple language keeping in view the standard of Class XI students. This book will also be of great use to those students who are just beginning to learn the subject of Accountancy...

Principles of Sociology with an Introduction to


This textbook has been comprehensively written to acquaint the students with the fundamental concepts of Sociology as well as provide an introduction to the diverse aspects of Sociology. Students will be introduced to the origins of Sociology as a discipline and would get to explore relevant topics such as inequality, institutions, control, change,..

T.S. Grewal's Double Entry Book Keeping ISC Class 11 along


Salient features of the book are:* Simple and lucid style* Due weight age to each topic as per the Council guidelines* Up-to-date illustrations and practical problems for easy understanding of the subject* Formats and tables to facilitate learning at a glance* Short Answer Type Questions given in a separate section to ensure comprehensiveunderstand..

ISC Business Studies Class 11 by C. B. Gupta


This book is designed and written to meet this need. According to the council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, the aims of teaching Business Studies at the XI standard are as follows : 1. To enable candidates to understand the modern business environment and to create awareness about various entrepreneurial opportunities. 2. To awake..

Physical Education Class 11 ISC by V. K. Sharma


Physical Education Class 11 ISC by V. K. Sharma..

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