Business Communication - I fybcom Sem 1 UPS Idol Students B.Com Sem 1 -

Business Communication - I FYBcom Sem 1 UPS Idol Students

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    Content:- 1. Concept of Communication : Models of Communication - Linear/ Interactive / Transactional / Shannon and Weaver (to be only discussed in class) Meaning, Definition, Process, Need, Feedback 2 Impact of technology Enabled Communication : Types - Internet, Blogs, E-Mail, Moodle, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Whats'app Advantages and Disadvantages 3. Communication at Workplace 4. Business Ethics 5. Problems in Communication / Barriers to Communication :Physical / Semantic / Language / Socio-Cultural / Psychological Barriers, Ways to Overcome these Barriers 6. Listening :Importance of Listening Skills, Obstacles to Listening, Cultivating Good Listening Skills

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