I think you guys enjoy stories well so let me start with a story.

Once upon a time there were two friends whose names are Akhil and Bhushan. They are pursuing PG in a reputed college. Apart from their college studies they are preparing for competitive exams too. They both are very good at studying. So, they both went to a coaching center and started learning for their competitive exams. Akhil was always so eager to learn when compared to Bhushan. Akhil apart from their coaching center books he ordered books online from  and started preparing from those books also. But Bhushan was solely depending on coaching center books. This continued for months. Finally, the exam date has occurred. They both went to the exam. The exam was one of the toughest in recent years. The question paper was filled with more difficult questions, more complicated models, and more time taking problems and many more.

Bhushan who prepared only the coaching center syllabus faced the question paper feeling tense and he made an attempt to answer the questions. But he failed the exam. On the other side Akhil had an added advantage since he prepared in multiple ways i.e., not only his coaching center books but also online competitive exam books and as he also practiced the test papers from . Even though the exam was tough he did not lose his confidence and attempted most of the questions and qualified the exam.



                Bhushan's situation Akhil's situation

When Akhil and Bhushan met after the exam, Bhushan asked Akhil how he managed to score more marks when the paper was tough. Akhil replied that the books from  helped him to prepare for the exam effectively. He also added that he practiced all the practice sets, previous exam papers and speed tests from

He also referred to the previous attempts to solve papers in the books he ordered from online. Bhushan listened to all this and he too ordered books from  and started preparing for upcoming exams. is an online book store where there are countless books depending on the requirement of customers. sells all school books of various boards like CBSE, ICSE, NCERT, Reference Books, Competitive Exam Books, Stationery, DPS Books, BSC Books, BCOM Books, BMS Books, BAMMC Books, LAW Books, Engineering Books and within less time it reaches the customers once they place an order.  is a guide to students who provide resources as books for their excellence in exams. And it is the student’s responsibility to utilize the resources and perform in exams.







 Planning is important to students:

Most of the students fall into a trap of studying from every book suggested by their teacher or they got recommended from an online resource. Choosing the study material from the best source ( ) is important and you have to focus your efforts on completing the study material obtained from the best source.

You cannot expect to qualify for an exam without proper planning. You should develop long-term and short-term plans about the material coverage and your strategy to crack the exam. Have a timetable of your study schedule for at least a week in advance so you can revise the material and attempt the exam stress free.


How should Students plan?

If you are aspiring to succeed in your study time each day, then you should ensure that you use your time, which is a scarce resource effectively. This is because you have to meet many demands of life, such as studies and others. As such you need to plan your time wisely.

For example: how much and when you use the time for studies, sports, relaxation etc.

To cover the demand of your studies, if you work furiously one day, tiring yourself, suffering from huge stress then you will not complete your work effectively.

However, if you have a study plan for each day, then you will have a few sessions of study and breaks with time allocated. This study plan with time allocated will ensure that you can use time wisely and efficiently. In each study session, say of 40-50 minutes, you will learn to concentrate well in work, and take a break of say 10-15 minutes to ensure you allow your brain to be refreshed and recharged before you start another study session and so on.

The study plan, for any type of exams and preparation will work effectively and saves your time without wasting it. And you have to change your routine according to your study plan and get habituated to it until you succeed in your exams. Good sleep and a proper balanced diet also plays a major role in your study plan. If you are not having proper sleep then you cannot start a day fresh and you will feel lazy and you cannot concentrate on studies and as a result a day will be wasted. And if you waste a day, you will lose some confidence the next day because you have not covered the portion of study on that wasted day. Likewise, one bad day will affect the entire study plan.

When unexpected events arise that take up your time you had planned to study, decide immediately where you can find time to make up the missed study time and adjust your study plan accordingly.

Planning is the best form of prevention. In case you have not planned your studies and studied at the point of exam and you will be stressed and you cannot concentrate on studies. If the portion of study is larger, then you cannot complete it by the exam. Even if you complete you cannot retain the content in your brain.  As a result, you will not perform effectively in exams. Whereas in case if you planned your study then a series of planned study will easily help you to retain the topics and there will be sufficient time to revise the portions. And it is easier to study and understand the topics that you have already read instead of reading it for the first time.



With a plan students can learn to be disciplined and get into a routine of when, what, how much time, and where to do their studies and importantly have their break for studies.

An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan – Warren Buffett

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