Green Computing Sem II B.Sc-IT Vipul

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    Such a great move by University of Mumbai to introduce Green Computing as a Subject for F.Y. B.Sc. IT – Semester II! It is a really needed and innovative move. All businesses are increasingly dependent on technology, and small business is no exception. We work on our PCs, notebooks and smart phones all day, connected to servers running 24/7. Because the technology refresh cycle is fast, these devices quickly become obsolete, and at some point, more often sooner than later, we dispose of old devices and replace them with new ones. We use massive quantities of paper and ink to print documents, many of which we promptly send to the circular file In the process, most businesses waste resources, in the form of energy, paper, money and time, resources we could invest to develop new products or services, or to hire and train employees. Even if we aren’t a tree hugger, it makes good business sense to green our IT environment and culture.