Together with English Core Pull out Worksheets Practice Material for Class 11 Term I & Term II

Together with English Core Pull out Worksheets Practice Material for Class 11 Term I & Term II

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    Together with English Core Pull-out Worksheets 11 is a complete course that provides practice in all the skills in a comprehensive manner with a concise yet absolute introduction to each concept. Organized into pull-out unit assignments, the book presents concepts with clear and effective example that are immediately reinforced with exercises and opportunities to demonstrate learning. Continuous reinforcement is provide through carefully structured exercises. Ample writing space will put students are kept paramount. Features Reading assignments as per the scheme of the question paper augments the reading and comprehension skills of the students. It is also beneficial to improving the vocabulary. Writing assignments with an introduction to each topic to inculcate effective writing skills pave the way for budding writers. Well-designed exercises facilitate writing and at the same time, provide a margin for individual learning. Various writing tasks to help in promotion of critical thinking and creative writing skills. Grammar assignment provide practice in an integrate manner to each rules to read and write correct English and promote interest in the knowledge areas. Literature assignments with an emphasis on the scheme of the question paper familiarize students with the pattern of the question paper and help them to attempt it with ease. Assessment of speaking and listening (ASL) develops communication skills and makes students confidents in using the language in different situations. Integrate Assignments (1-5) given at the end of the book aim at granting an opportunity for self-assignment and following corrective measures. Students are sure to improve their scores by practicing religiously the content of the book. Latest examination papers (NCT) are an added feature to facilitate learning and increase knowledge retention. Every care has been taken to ensure that the books prove to be an all-inclusive package for students. I extend my sincere thank to the educators and writers who have provided their valuable suggestions in the making of this book. Feedback and constructive suggestion are always welcome for further improvement.

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