DPS Nerul Pre-Nursery Books

Pre-Nursery Book Bundle Set Of 6 Book 2021-22


Pre-Nursery Book Bundle Set Of 4 Book 2021-221. Round about2. My First Concept Cart3. Learn to colour-A4. Drawing Book-2 Nos5.Colouring-A..

Pre-Nursery Stationary Bundle 2021-22


Pre-Nursery Stationary Bundle 2021-22Faber-Castell 6 Kindergarten Grip Crayons : 01 ( Rs.160 )Wax Crayons Jumbo ( 12 shades ) : 01 ( Rs. 50 )Modelling Clay : 02 Nos  ( Rs. 110 )Plastic Container ( Rs. 30 )Beads Box (Rs. 150)Craft Paper (Rs.15)..

Learn to Colour-A


Learn to Colour is based on the concept of 'Look, Learn and Colour'. They contain some throughly absorbing activities for thechildren to carry out. Attractive colours provide joyful experience to children and make them aware of different objects of day to day life. In each stage we have added more details from easy to difficult task...

My First Concept Cart Look and Learn + Fun Activity


My First Concept Cart Look & Learn + Fun Activity..

Roundabout (English/Math) Pre-Nursery


Roundabout (English/Math) Pre-Nursery book.The books in this series guide children through various pictorial activities which help them in developing basic concepts and pre-reading skills. These extensively illustrated books also provide explicit notes for teachers. The worksheets have been widely (and successfully) tested in schools. Bo..

Drawing Book Woodsnipe Publication 2 Nos


Drawing Book Woodsnipe Publication..

Tiny Blossoms Colouring -A


Tiny Blossoms Colouring -A..

Camel / Kores Modelling Clay


Camel Modelling Clay is safe, hygienic, non-toxic, flexible and easy to handle for children.It does not dry out or shrink and can be reused.This clay has vibrant colours that mix well with each other.It promises to boost up kid''s imagination, creativity and learning capability with hours of endless funThis product is non-toxic and CE certified con..

Camel Wax Crayons Jumbo 12 Shades


Camel Jumbo Wax Crayons are made of special non-toxic materials. It’s jumbo size allows tender hands to conveniently grip the crayons and also makes them difficult to break. Pack contains 12 shades of assorted crayons and 1 glitter crayon...

Faber Castel First Grip Crayons


Faber Castell crayons are rich bright colours Smooth flow and textureThe cryons are non waxy, non porous: wax does not come off the paperThe non-toxic crayons are safe for children..

Plastic Box With Hingers and Lock


Plastic Box With Hingers & Lock..

Sundaram Origami Sheet Single Side Fluorescent 15x15cm' 5


Sundaram Origami Sheet Single Side Fluorescent 15x15cm' 5 Color 20 Sheet ..

Beads Box with 50 Beads


Beads Box with 50 Beads..

Book Cover Paper


DPS Logo Paper Book cover for All Notebook..

Book Cover Plastic Transparent


Plastic Transparent Notebook cover for All Notebook..

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