NCERT Class 3 Books

NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) provides textbooks for various classes in India, including Class 3. The Class 3 books cover subjects such as Mathematics, English, Hindi, and Environmental Studies. Here are some general details about NCERT Class 3 books:

  1. Mathematics:

    • The mathematics book for Class 3 focuses on building a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. It includes topics such as numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, and measurement.
  2. English:

    • The English book for Class 3 continues to develop language skills with a focus on reading, writing, and comprehension. It introduces more advanced vocabulary, sentence structures, and short stories suitable for third-grade students.
  3. Hindi:

    • The Hindi book for Class 3 builds on the language fundamentals introduced in the previous classes. It covers Hindi alphabets, words, and basic sentence structures. The book may include poetry, stories, and other Hindi literature suitable for third-grade students.
  4. Environmental Studies (EVS):

    • The EVS book for Class 3 explores topics related to the environment, nature, and basic science concepts. It aims to create an awareness of the world around the students and introduces them to elementary scientific principles.

NCERT Class 3

NCERT Class 3

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