Second Year D Pharma



Concise Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry By Dr B S Kuchekar


1 Heterocyclic System 2 Antiseptics and Disinfectants 3 Sulphonamides or Sulpha-Drugs 4 Antibiotics ..

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy By D J Patil Second Year


1 Hospitals 2 Hospital Pharmacy 3 Drug Distribution System in Hospitals 4 Procurement of Stores and ..

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy By Dr A R Paradkar Second


PART – I : HOSPITAL PHARMACY 1 Hospital and their Organization 2 An Introduction to Hospital Pharmac..

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy By Dr A V Yadav Second Year


1 Hospital 2 Hospital pharmacy 3 Drug Distribution System in Hospitals 4 Sterile Manufacture 5 Non-S..

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 By Dr A V Kasture Second Year


1 Introduction 2 Central Nervous System Stimulants 3 Antidepressants and Antianxiety Agent (Anxiolyt..

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence By Dr B S Kuchekar Second Year


1 Introduction 2 Pharmaceutical Legislation in India 3 Pharmacy and Health Care System 4 Pharmaceuti..

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence By Shyam Chandak Second Year


1 Indian Pharmaceutical Legislation 2 Pharmacy And Health Care System 3 Professional Ethics 4 The Ph..

Pharmaceutics 2 By Dr A R Paradkar Second Year Diploma In


Unit I : Dispensing Pharmacy , Unit II : Dispensed Medications – A – Monophasic Liquid Dosage Forms ..

Pharmacology And Toxicology By Dr A V Yadav Second Year


1 Scope of Pharmacology 2 Routes of Administration of Drugs 3 Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism a..

Pharmacology And Toxicology By Rajendra R Kale Second Year


First 16 Chapters cover the various topics of the Syllabus requirements of Pharmacy Council of India..

Practical Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy By Dr A R Paradkar


STERILISATION IN HOSPITAL : 1 To operate sterilisation equipments. 2 To Sterilise Dressings, Sheets,..

Practical Manual Of Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy By Dr. G


1 To study different types of syringes and needles 2 To sterilize the given articles by dry heating ..

Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ii By Shailesh


1 To perform the qualitative analysis of given sample of acetyl salicyclic acid 2 To perform the qua..

Practical Manual Of Pharmaceutics Ii By G D Gupta Second


1 To prepare castor oil mixture 2 To prepare mixture of chalk powder with tincture of catechu 3 To p..

Practical Manual Of Pharmacology And Toxicology By G D


1 To study some commonly used laboratory animals 2 To prepare physiological salt solution 3 To study..

Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ii By Dr A V Kasture


1 Laboratory Techniques 2 Identification of Unknown Organic Compounds 3 Identification Tests for Cer..

Practical Pharmaceutics Ii By Dr A R Paradkar Second Year


1 Prescriptions 2 Weights and Measures 3 Posology 4 Mixtures 5 Emulsions 6 Lotions 7 Liniments 8 E N..

Practical Pharmacology And Toxicology By R R Kale Second


1 Pre – Experimental Aspects 2 Experimental Pharmacology of Isolated Tissue Preparation 3 Experiment..

Principles And Practices Of Drug Store Administration By Dr


1 Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Management 2 Pharmaceutical Marketing and its Structure ..

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