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Bachelor of Banking & Insurance(BBI) is a three-year undergraduate program divided into six semesters. This course provides theoretical knowledge in areas such as finance, banking, accounting, insurance law and insurance regulation. This is a great career option for anyone who wants to pursue a career in commercial banks, investment banks, venture capital industry, corporate finance, accounting or tax companies, bookkeeping, financial planning companies and more. This course covers the subjects such as Overview of Banking Sector, International Banking and Insurance, Central Banking, Business Communication, Law & Economics, Principles of Management, Management Accounting, Mutual Funds Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Customer Relationship Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Wealth Management, Strategic Management, Environmental and Management of Financial Services, Principles in Banking and Insurance, Marketing in Banking and Insurance, Organizational Behavior, Financial Accounting, Quantitative methods, Direct Taxes, Corporate and Securities Law, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Security Analysis and Portfolio, etc.