Sem 4 Automobile Diploma

Sem 4 Automobile Diploma

Nirali Advanced Automobile Engines MSBTE Second Year


1. Engine Combustion 2. Computer Controlled Petrol Engines 3. Computer Controlled Diesel Engin..

Nirali Automobile Manufacturing Processes MSBTE Second Year


Unit I: Forging Processes, Unit II: Press and Press Operations, Unit III: Welding Processes, ..

Nirali Environmental Studies MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem


1. Environment, 2. Energy Resources, 3. Ecosystem and Biodiversity, 4. Environmental Pollut..

Nirali Heat Power Engineering MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem


1 Thermodynamic system and their applications 2 Fuels and combustion 3 Steam and steam power ..

Nirali Mechanical Engineering Measurements MSBTE Second


Fuel Economy, Air Pollution and Emission Control..

Nirali Theory Of Machines MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem 4


1. Fundamentals and types of mechanisms, 2. Velocity and acceleration in mechanisms, 3. Cams a..

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