Sem 6 Chemical Diploma

Sem 6 Chemical Diploma

Nirali Energy Management MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 5


1 Energy Scenario 2 Basics of Energy 3 Energy Audit 4 Energy Efficiency in Electrical And T..

Nirali Heat Transfer Operations MSBTE Third Year Diploma


1. Conduction 2. Convection 3. Radiation 4. Heat Exchangers 5. Evaporation..

Nirali Management MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 5 Chemical


Unit I: Introduction to Management Concepts and Managerial Skills Unit II: Planning and Organizing ..

Nirali Petrochemical Technology MSBTE Third Year Diploma


1 Introduction To Petroleum Refining 2 Refining Unit Process In Refineries 3 C1 to C4 And Arom..

Nirali Plant Safety And Maintainance MSBTE Third Year


1 Plant Hazards 2 Personal Protective Equipments 3 Fire Prevention 4 Storage And Transporta..

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