Sem 5 Civil Diploma

Sem 5 Civil Diploma

Nirali Building Planning And Drawing MSBTE Second Year


1. Conventions and Symbols 2. Planning of Building 3. Drawing of Load Bearing Structures 4. Drawi..

Nirali Geotechnical Engineering MSBTE Second Year Diploma


1. Overview of Geology and Geotechnical Engineering, 2. Physical and Index Properties of Soil, 3. ..

Nirali Highway Engineering MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem 3


1. Importance and Classification of Roads 2. Geometric Design of Roads 3. Construction of Roads 4..

Nirali Railway And Bridge Engineering MSBTE Second Year


1. Basics of Railway Engineering, 2. Track Geometrics Construction And Maintenance, 3. Overview of..

Nirali Theory Of Structures MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem 4


1. Direct and Bending Stresses 2. Slope and Deflection 3. Fixed Beam 4. Continuous Beam 5. Momen..

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