Sem 5 Electricals Diploma

Sem 5 Electricals Diploma

Nirali Analog And Digital Communication MSBTE Second Year


1. Introduction to Electronic Communication, 2. Amplitude Modulation And Frequency Modulation, 3. ..

Nirali Consumer Electronics MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem 4


1. Audio Fundamentals 2. Audio Systems 3. Television Fundamentals and TV Transmitter 4. Televisio..

Nirali Control System And Plc MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem


1 Introduction To Control System 2 Time Response Analysis 3 Stability 4 Control Action 5 PLC Fun..

Nirali Electric Motors And Transformers MSBTE Second Year


1. Introduction to Electric Motors 2. D.C. Machines 3. Single-Phase Transformers 4. Three-Phase T..

Nirali Embedded Systems MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 5


1. Introduction to Embedded Systems..

Nirali Environmental Studies MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 5


1. Environment, 2. Energy Resources, 3. Ecosystem and Biodiversity, 4. Environmental Pollution, ..

Nirali Linear Integrated Circuits MSBTE Second Year Diploma


1. Fundamentals of Operational Amplifiers (Op-Amp), 2. Applications of Operational Amplifiers (Op-A..

Nirali Linear Integrated Circuits MSBTE Second Year Diploma


1. Fundamentals of Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp), 2. Applications of Operational Amplifier, 3. Li..

Nirali Manufacturing Processes MSBTE Second Year Diploma


1 Fundamentals of Machining and Machining Operations 2 Shaping Slotting Machines 3 Casting Process..

Nirali Microcontroller And Applications MSBTE Second Year


1. Basics of microprocessor and 8051 microcontroller, 2. 8051 instruction set and programming, 3. ..

Nirali Microwave And Radar MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 5


1.1 Microwave Frequency Spectrum, Band Designations and Applications of Microwave in Various Fields..

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