Sem 3 IT Diploma

Sem 3 IT Diploma

Nirali Basic Electrical And Electronics Engg MSBTE Secound


Unit-I – Chapter 1: Electric and Magnetic Circuits Chapter 2: Electromagnetic Induction Unit-II –..

Nirali Building Services MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 6


1. Overview of Building Services 2. Modes of Vertical Communication 3. Fire Safety 4. Water Suppl..

Nirali Computer Graphics MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem 3


1. Basics of Computer Graphics 2. Raster Scan Graphics 3. Overview of Transformations 4. Windowin..

Nirali Data Structures Using ‘C’ MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem


1. Introduction to Data Structures 2. Searching and Sorting 3. Stacks and Queues 4. Linked List ..

Nirali Digital Techniques And Microprocessor MSBTE Second


MSBTE – Diploma Engg | I Scheme | Computer & IT Engineering – MSBTE I Scheme | Semester 3 (Second Ye..

Nirali Entrepreneurship Development MSBTE Third Year


1. Entrepreneurship Development-Concept and Scope 2. Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Selection Pr..

Nirali Maintenance And Repairs Of Structures MSBTE Third


1. Basics of Maintenance and Repairs 2. Causes and Detection of Damages 3. Materials for Maintenan..

Nirali Management MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 6 Civil


Unit I: Introduction to Management Concepts and Managerial Skills Unit II: Planning and Organizing a..

Nirali Object Oriented Programming Using C MSBTE Second


1 Principles of Object Oriented Programming 2 Classes and Objects 3 Extending Classes using Inheri..

Nirali Principles Of Database MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem


1. Basics of Database and Architecture 2. Data Models and Database Types 3. Database Design Using ..

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