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Student-Teacher Relationship

As soil is for seeds..... And steering is for wheels, the same is teacher is for student. So it is the utmost duty of teacher to show the right direction to the students. To d...
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Handling Failure

Failure is quite common in life. It is not a sin. Failure eventually guides us to success. It is all about not giving up until we experience the taste of success. Life does no...
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Hard work V/S Smart work

The difference between hard work and smart work. This question on hard work vs smart work is to basically understand a candidate’s work ethic. Being a hard-working person is o...
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Focus on Goal Setting

Goals can be about anything in life, as long as it is something you set to achieve within a timeframe. There are different types of goals you can set to make your life better....
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Importance of career building

Career building is just a term to describe the process of thinking about your professional future, developing new skills through education and experience, and pursuing new opp...
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In one word the biggest inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve anything in his life is he himself. If it doesn't come from inside then it means you don't want it to happe...
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Meditation for Students

Just like our body needs exercise to stay healthy, the mind needs meditation to stay in top form. It’s like exercise for the mind, but one that relaxes not just the mind, but ...
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Self-Control In Studies

How one should achieve self-control in studies? 1) Create a distraction free environment. Loud sounds and bright lights will play the most important role on distracting ...
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Technology in Education

Education in the present time has a direct link to IT integrations at almost every level imaginable. The availability and reliance on computers, gadgets, and other such device...
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Practice Makes Man Perfect

Firstly i would prefer to confirm that this phrase is for both Boys and girls. Boys and girls both make a come back in their work by doing PRACTICE. In order to realize pe...
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