Mass Media Studies
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Mass Media Studies


This is a Mass Communication textbook for students of class 12. This has been formulated according t..

The Invisible Man



Chemistry Part I-NCERT Book for Class 12


This is the Part 1 of the textbook of Chemistry published by NCERT that is meant for students in std..

Chemistry Part II-NCERT Book for Class 12


This textbook of Chemistry Part 2 has well - covered chapters that are included in the syllabus pres..

History - Themes in Indian History Part-1 NCERT Book for


This edition of Themes in Indian History Part - 1 is a must-have textbook for anyone who is a part o..

History - Themes in Indian History Part-2 NCERT Book for


An apt choice for students of std XII, this textbook (Part – 2) will give the students an insight of..

History - Themes in Indian History Part-3 NCERT Book for


Themes in Indian History part 3 is part of the same series and a sequel to part 1 and 2. It is desig..

Political Science - Politics in India since Independence


Politics in India Since Independence’ - this textbook on Political Science is for those students, wh..

Political Science - Contemporary World Politics NCERT Book


This Contemporary World Politics, by the National Council of Education Research and Training, (NCERT..

Saraswati Health and Physical Education Class 12 | Latest


The Board has decided to mainstream Health and Physical Education for students of classes IX to XII ..

Psychology NCERT Book for Class 12


Psychology is a comprehensive book for std XII students who have taken up Psychology as one of their..

Geography -Fundamentals of Human Geography NCERT Book for


Fundamentals of Human Geography' is a Geography textbook for the students of std XII, who are studyi..

Geography - India People and Economy NCERT Book for Class 12


India People and Economy – this is a Geography Textbook for the students of std XII belonging to t..

Geography - Practical Work  NCERT Book for Class 12
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Geography - Practical Work NCERT Book for Class 12


NCERT has published this textbook of Geography called 'Practical Work in Geography' under the guidel..

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