Mass Media Studies
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Mass Media Studies


This is a Mass Communication textbook for students of class 12. This has been formulated according t..

The Invisible Man



English-Flamingo NCERT Book for Class 12


This textbook of English is called 'Flamingo'. This textbook is designed for an interesting and inno..

English-Vistas NCERT Book for Class 12


Vistas (Core Course) - Supplementary Reader in English has been published by NCERT. It is ideal for ..

Comprehensive Practical Physics for Class 12 | Latest


Comprehensive Lab Manual. Subjects - Physics. Publisher - Laxmi Publications. Language - English. IS..

Chemistry Part I-NCERT Book for Class 12


This is the Part 1 of the textbook of Chemistry published by NCERT that is meant for students in std..

Chemistry Part II-NCERT Book for Class 12


This textbook of Chemistry Part 2 has well - covered chapters that are included in the syllabus pres..

Biology- NCERT Book for Class 12


Biology – Textbook for std XII, published by National Council of Education Research and Training (NC..

Mathematics for CBSE Class-12 by RD Sharma | Latest Edition


The sincere effort and constant struggle of the RD Sharma has made it possible for him to introduce ..

Mathematics Part 1 - NCERT Book for Class 12


Mathematics Part I - std XII is a comprehensive text that covers a variety of important and fundamen..

Mathematics Part 2 - NCERT Book for Class 12


Published by NCERT, this Mathematics Textbook remains a favourite among the students of std XII. It ..

NCERT Mathematics Exemplar Problem for Class 12


MathematicsUnit 1(Relations And Functions)Unit 2(Inverse Trigonometric Functions)Unit 3(Matrices)&nb..

Computer Science With Python Textbook Class 12 by Sumita


Computer Science With Python is a major subject at Senior Secondary level of CBSE with an aim of cre..

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