Cobra Files

Lamination cobra file 1 unit Green


Our Lamination Cobra File is widely demanded for its high quality, finishing, and longevity. It can ..

Paper cobra file 1 unit Grey


Grey Cobra File..

Laminated cobra file  Pack of 5 Multicolour
Out of Stock

Laminated cobra file Pack of 5 Multicolour


Laminated Cobra File, 14*9.5 inch, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow..

Paper Cobra Files with Spring Inside Pack of 6 Pcs


Cobra Files with Spring Inside. Pack of 6 pcs. Assorted Colors..

Normal board spring file Pack of 12 Multicolour


Perfect Choice For filing. Assorted Colors. Supports upto 50 Paper Sheets. Multiple Size Papers like..

Regular file 23 cms x 35 cms Board Paper Pack of 12


Etra Cobra File Regular - Pack of 12. Color: Assorted- Blue,Green, Pink, Yellow..

Paper cobra files with spring inside Pack of 20 Multicolour


Paper Cobra File. Pack of 20. Ideal For Office/ home/ Student/Documents Keeping Assorted Collours..

Laminated cobra file Pack of 20 Multicolour


Perfect Choice For filing. Assorted Colours. Multiple Size Papers like A4 and FS can be Filed. Good ..

Special deluxe cobra spring file post binder 35 Cms X 25


Special Deluxe Cobra Spring File Post Binder - 35 Cms X 25 Cms X 4 Cms (Pack Of 8 Pcs.) in multicolo..

Paper Cobra file Pack of 40 Multicolour


Hand On Paper Cobra File No.997. Pack of 40. Multicolour..

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