Sem 5 Chemical Diploma

Sem 5 Chemical Diploma

Nirali Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics MSBTE Second


1. Thermodynamic Systems and Equilibrium, 2. First Law of Thermodynamics, 3. Thermodynamics Quantiti..

Nirali Environmental Technology MSBTE Third Year Diploma


Ecosystem Air Pollution and Control Water Pollution and Control Solid Waste Management ISO-14000 and..

Nirali Fluid Flow Operations MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem


1. Fluid Flow Properties, 2. Fluid Flow Parameters, 3. Incompressible Fluid Flow Measurement, 4. Pip..

Nirali Heat Transfer Operations MSBTE Third Year Diploma


1 Introduction 2 Conduction 3 Convection 4 Radiation 5 Heat Transfer Equipments 6 Evaporation ..

Nirali Industrial Safety And Maintenance MSBTE Second Year


1. Safety Planning 2. Industrial Hazards 3. Accident and Incident Investigation 4. Hazards in Che..

Nirali Plant Economics And Energy Management MSBTE Second


1 Energy and Energy Policy 2 Renewable and Non Renewable Sources of Energy 3 Energy Management and..

Nirali Plant Utilities MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem 3


1 Industrial Water 2 Steam Steam generators and non steam heating system 3 Industrial Air 4 Refri..

Nirali Technology Of Inorganic Chemicals MSBTE Second Year


1 Inorganic Acids 2 Ammonia Based Fertilizers 3 Phosphorous Based Fertilizer 4 Potassium Based Fe..

Nirali Technology Of Organic Chemicals MSBTE Second Year


1. Alcohol Based Industries, 2. Oils, Soaps and Detergents, 3. Paints, Varnishes and Lacquers, 4...

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