Sem 4 Electronics Diploma

Sem 4 Electronics Diploma

Nirali Cloud Computing MSBTE Third Year Diploma Sem 6


1. Fundamentals og Cloud Computing 2. Virtualization 3. Storage in Clouds 4. Cloud Monitoring and..

Nirali Electrical And Electronic Measurements MSBTE Second


1 Fundamentals of measurements 2 Measurement of voltage and current 3 Measurement of electric powe..

Nirali Electrical Circuits MSBTE Second Year Diploma Sem 3


1. A.C. Fundamentals..

Nirali Electrical Materials And Wiring Practices MSBTE


Unit I : Wiring Components Tools and Safety Devices Unit II : Conductors and Electromagnetic Materi..

Nirali Electrical Power Generation MSBTE Second Year


1 Thermal power plants coal gas diesel and nuchear based 2 Large and micro hydro power plants 3 So..

Nirali Fundamentals Of Power Electronics MSBTE Second Year


1. Power Electronic Devices 2. Thyristor Family Devices 3. Turn-on and Turn-off Methods of Thyrist..

Nirali Online Mcq Test Simulator MSBTE Third Year Diploma


1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Internet of Things 3. Basics of Digital Forensic 4. Digital Evidenc..

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