Career building is just a term to describe the process of thinking about your professional future, developing new skills through education and experience, and pursuing new opportunities over time. It’s opposed to career stagnation, where you find a comfortable job and pretend that it’s highly likely you can remain there forever.

Education teaches people how to think. It teaches them to be interested in the world around them and other people’s ideas. It teaches them processes for problem solving, researching, organizing, and communicating information and ideas. Schools teach us how to work and get along with others.


We can choose our careers and even change them if we find that we initially chose the wrong one. This is new stuff. Without a broad education, it is much harder for us to pursue the chance to live well and have interesting work.

Education gives you the tools and the practice opportunities to work through situations you are going to meet up with in life. Or at least practice situations which model real life in a safe way.

Training teaches a student how to do a particular thing in a particular way. If someone thought of their life as having only a single goal to be accomplished - in this case obtaining a career, then training is the way to go. Education in that circumstance is not what you would need.

In some countries, few understand the difference between these two ways of learning and their goals.

Role of teacher

Even in this fast-changing era one thing that hasn’t changed is the significance of “Teacher” in students' lives. Teacher’s make student Life more Meaningful and Joyous. In fact, students always want to gain their teachers attention, always want to impress their teachers.

So, Let’s Understand the Whole Idea about how teachers should guide their students to choose Careers in Schools.


Identify the Hidden Skill in students.


As a “Teacher” it’s not too hard to identify hidden talent of students as they spend considerable quality time with students. They should try to screen students whenever they get a chance. Try to understand their actual feelings on each subject and identify which subjects they like and which subject they hate. Once you understand their interests in a particular subject, help them to build their abilities and take them to the next level. Let a student build his / her interest and try to excel by tuning their abilities day by day. For Example: If a student excels in math, then they should just guide him to solve some problems in spare time by suggesting some good Math Book. If a student is highly talented in singing then they should encourage him/her to listen to great music composition or participate in some music competition.


Motivate Students


Motivation is the Panacea when a student faces temporary defeat in challenging subjects. As we know “One Man’s Food is another Man’s Poison” so students tend to fail in one or two subjects. As a teacher try to motivate and support them. Teachers should try to take some extra classes so that they can at least score minimum passing marks for next time. And again, what is most important is to motivate them to focus more on subjects that they excel in.


Arrange some Career Guidance Session for Children

Teachers should also try to ask any Career Counselor to conduct quality Career Guidance Sessions for knowing recent emerging trends in Career Options to have an updated approach in guiding students.

Update yourself with fast changing Technology

As you know Technology is the key for unlocking several Career Options. Teachers should try to read day to day technological inventions done in different fields and disseminate the same as much as you can with students for their better guidance. This strategy will also help you to get more respect from their beloved students.

Students in schools really need help from their teachers to choose their Careers. Guide them so that they can clearly decide the path they want to live their Life Happily as well as make their Living.

In-fact education is not only restricted to career building however education is very much necessary for setting up our career in greater heights. Education is important for all the aspects in our day to day life . The main goal of education is to make us understand WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG in the peaks and valleys of our life.

Education is necessary to light up our optimistic thinking. It is the only key to eradicate blind beliefs which have occupied around us knowingly or unknowingly.

Nowadays education is meant to get jobs, to get a lump sum salary, more or less to get settled in this society. Most of us have forgotten the needs of education or why do we need to be educated.

Education is not just restricted to secure ranks in our academics. More than that we need to Learn MORAL VALUES, DISCIPLINE, OBEDIENCE, RESPECT, LOYALTY, PATIENCE, COURAGE TO FACE DIFFICULTIES, TO BE KIND, TO BE HELPFUL AND TO BE HONEST ABOVE ALL.

Education alone can put full stop to SUPERSTITIONS. Then thereby it molds us to be a better citizen of the future.

Education is to gain fruitful knowledge from all the circumstances of our life.

It’s impossible to predict when our knowledge is going to be utilized to the fullest but each and every minute our value-based education makes us feel proud about our decisions to irrelevant problems.

So, it's clear cut that Education is not prohibited to one thing but it handles a lot many aspects in our day-to-day life.

Our goal should be towards fetching maximum possible knowledge from all the corners which ultimately calls us Educated. KNOWLEDGE NEVER FADES.


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