Goals can be about anything in life, as long as it is something you set to achieve within a timeframe. There are different types of goals you can set to make your life better. Moreover, you also do not want to keep your health in the danger zone while pursuing. In order to put things in shape and keep your life on track, the following are the goal categories you should focus on when setting goals and objectives. They will help you increase your productivity, achieve tremendous success, and live a balanced life.


Focus means to pay attention to whatever you do. This can be related to job, studies, sports etc. You can segment goals according to short term and long-term goals. Then note it down and stick it on the wall which you always notice.

You will need to practice a few things like time management, self-discipline, and creating an effective environment to support your goals. One thing you should always think about is to be positive. Believe that you can achieve your goals. Watch YouTube, browse the internet, and read books. In short, find the relevant sources that could take you towards your goals. Don't lose hope and you will be able to focus.

Avoid being stuck. Never stop in-between. No matter how bored you feel, how deprived you are of a good life, how tired you feel of trying, and how easy it appears to quit and walk back.

Avoid comparisons, never look here and there. Comparisons are the way to ruin your goals, don't make goals if you have a habit of comparing.

Avoid glaring at that shining door of success which is far away, it may deceive you, make you frustrated and fierce. Focus on each step you take.

Aim at problem solving, and not at problem evaluating. Don't measure the severity of a problem and estimate the fresh low chances of success. Just look for solutions.

Embrace changes, accept what's new, I know it involves unlearning and learning, is mind consuming, but use the better techniques and ways created by others through hard work and research. Be observant of changing technologies and methods, be adaptive.

Create a strong foundation, be clear and crisp about your vision, do adequate research in finding the correct path, correct ways to achieve your goals. Ask as many questions you can initially and arrange answers without getting fed up.

Have faith in yourself, believe that you can make it possible no matter how difficult it is, commit to act and give your best. Half-hearted tries are dead tries. You make wrong decisions. No place of second thoughts.

Setting goals and working towards achieving them make your work systematic. But if you set unrealistic goals, it will lead you to frustration and a feeling of negativity. So, the best way to set a goal is to use the SMART technique.

  • Specific: Be as precise as possible.

  • Measurable: Set goals that are measurable.

  • Attainable: The goals should be attainable

  • Realistic: Your goals must be challenging but not unrealistic.

  • Timely: Put deadlines on your goals this will help you to keep up your motivation level to achieve them

You have to focus on your goal with great care, because—in fact—many goals are more worthy of being abandoned than followed. When you lose focus, your mind may be telling you that you have chosen wrongly.

And yet when you have a great goal, and really believe that, it is too easy to lose focus, and that is not good. When I was a student, Luis Alvarez would see me every few days and remind me of the goals that he thought were most important. This constant reminder gave me a sense of what kind of focus is necessary. But you should do it with care. 

Most people do not stay focused on their goals because they don’t know how to set goals in the first place.

Some people set way to unrealistic goals while some set way to smaller goals.If you know how to set goals properly, you would more likely stay focused on it till it is achieved.

Here is a proper way to set goals:

Setting the time limit: Ideally your goals should be something that can be achieved in the next 6–18 months. The reason why you should set a time limit on your goals is because it becomes easier to stay driven through the course of achieving your goal.

How big goals should be: Yes, we all should have big goals but if you plan to be a billionaire and own a private jet then you are most likely to fail. Not because you cannot achieve it but because such things cannot be called a goal but they can be termed as a vision. Your goals should be big enough to make you step out of your comfort zone but should be achievable in the next 6–18 months.

Setting the vision first: What is your vision? Where do you want to end up in life in the next 20–30 years? Once you know that you can plan your 6–18 month goals accordingly. If your vision is to be a CTO at your company you must map out your entire career path and start working towards it by dividing your vision into smaller 6–18 month goals. If your vision is to be a billionaire you should work on making at least quarter of a million dollars in the next 6–18 months.

You need an action plan: Setting goals isn’t enough, you need to have an action plan as well. For example, if your 18-month goal is to be a backend developer at XYZ company and you are starting from scratch, you need to set up the action plan which would take you from being a beginner to actually getting that job. This action plan should be as specific as possible and should include the next set of actions which will take you closer to your goals. The reason why an action plan is important is because you cannot work on your goal, i.e you cannot work on being a backend developer as it is not a simple task of drinking water. You can only take an action like learning a specific programming language which will take you closer to your goal.

Review the action plan regularly: Every weekend, set aside a few hours to analyze how well you are doing. Track your progress along the way and see what improvements you need to make.

  • Setting the vision

  • Setting goals

  • Chalking out the action plan

  • Don’t worry, you don’t need to figure out all the actions from start to end, you just need to think about the first 3–4 steps you need to take.

  • Those might be, getting a specific skill, learning a new programming language or framework.

  • List out the next actionable steps on a piece of paper and start working towards it.

  • Once you are done for the day, write the things/actions you did today before going to sleep in a professional diary or a journal.


Weekly review: Be your own boss and review your actions and see if you are on track. Be critical of yourselves and find out where you can improve. Think of it as you are the boss and are analyzing the work done by your employee.


This helps  avoid getting distracted and keeps me extremely focused and productive.


Once that task is done, move on to the next task, set the time limit and start working on it. This technique gets a lot of work done in just a couple hours.

set the time limit and start working on it. This technique gets a lot of work done in just a couple hours.

Sustained focus is essential to achieve any goal. To be able to focus on your goal better, remembering the ‘why’ behind your goal is of the utmost importance. Reminding yourself why you started working towards your goal is the way to keep going. It is also important we set realistic goals that we can further break down into smaller steps or tasks. Finding ways to track the progress of your goals can prove to be helpful in staying focused. Keep a written record for your goals for the day, for the week and so on. It is also helpful to write down your short term and long-term goals and put them in a place where you can constantly see them. Try to focus on one task at a time and minimize all distractions while you are at it. Positive affirmations to such – ‘I will be able to achieve my goal’ and ‘I have what it takes’ also helps us stay focused on our goal better. Taking timed breaks amidst all the work is also extremely important to avoid burnout and sticking to your goal.


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