Failure is quite common in life. It is not a sin. Failure eventually guides us to success. It is all about not giving up until we experience the taste of success. Life does not offer you anything in an easy situation. None but you will have to make things easier. Failure happens to bring out the best of us. Everyone gets failure and it is a part of life.

Take the responsibility that it was you who made the mistake rather than blaming others. Decide what you are not going to repeat. Have a good reason and purpose. Set some goals that will make you motivated to study. Beside the general stuff you should exercise and meditate daily to improve your concentration.  

Here are some tips for accepting failure and what to do next.

Be positive for your next attempt

  This is what can help you rise above the depressing condition. Do not just keep thinking about the failure instead thinking above it. Bring in the positivity inside you that can help you move ahead with a wide view of success.

Analyse the reasons behind failure

Instead of getting depressed and grieving the failure, the most important thing is to look at your failure with an analytical view so as to determine the reasons behind it. Why did you fail? What might have produced a better result? Try to find answers to all these questions so that you can improve your result for the next time and not repeat the mistakes or errors that were done before.

Give your best

Sometimes, even when you have prepared well enough for the exam, but because you were stressed about the exam result. The bare feeling of scoring low makes us feel stressed and anxious. Instead of being depressed or worried about the exam, be prepared and confident to appear for the exam and wait for the result to reflect your hard work and dedication.


Remember, Failure is not the end of life

Just think that the failure you had in exams was just another step towards success, just have the courage and strength to overcome this failure and move on. Failure is just a defeat for a moment, not for your whole life.

Many times in our life, we give our best. But still we don’t get what we actually deserve. In such circumstances we should not lose hope but rather work with much patience. Learn from failures and start from the beginning. Never lose hope. Success is waiting for you. Give your maximum effort in everything you do. Success will be yours.

Students mostly fail due to following reasons:

  • Students do not follow Syllabus properly.

  • Use maximum books for study.

  • Procrastinate attitude towards study.

  • Lack of revision before exam.

  • Lack of Analytical skill.

  • Lack of planning towards study.

  • Lack of Time management and etc.


And in order to succeed, students must

  • Stick to the plan.

  • Follow proper syllabus

  • Don't read too many books for any topic, rather they stick to one or two sources on any topic.

  • Stick to Proper Time table

  • Don’t procrastinate.


 Tips to improve concentration and study best in exams.

  • Stay away from your mobile and social media as it wastes a lot of time and even recovering from it is also difficult.

  • Plan your study. Preparing an elaborate timetable for a day comprises what you should cover , how much syllabus you should cover, what subjects you should study, time to be allocated for each topic and subject. It is also better to prepare a checklist of your study.

  • Contrary to what people say, take some stress from work. A certain amount of stress and tension regarding the work Is good. It helps you stay grounded and work harder. It also cuts your overconfidence and boosts your morale. Fear is necessary to push you forward.

  • Don’t seclude yourself. Talk to people who are also studying the same thing as you. Make group study plans, means study individually and discuss among groups.

  • Clarify your doubts frequently from your friends. you will be surprised  at how much easier it is to learn something from a friend than from a teacher who is probably twice your age.

  • Manage your time properly. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary activities. Maintain a proper environment for study. Get away from things that waste your time and block you from studies.

  • Test yourself so that you know up to how much extent your preparation has been. Self tests, revision tests, practice tests, solving previous exam question papers will help you with your preparation.

  • Make sure you learn from the mistakes in self tests and don’t repeat them in exams.

  • Stay calm and confident before exams and prepare

  • Don’t be tense. Concentrate and remember the topics you studied and attempt the exam.


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