As soil is for seeds..... And steering is for wheels, the same for a teacher is for students. So it is the utmost duty of the teacher to show the right direction to the students. To do this duty the teacher has to undergo all sacrifices needed to fulfill his job. A teacher is the only one after parents to whom a student looks up to.

The ideal relationship between a teacher and a student is one of mutual respect.

The teacher must respect the fact that his/her charge is that the student is a developing human being that is there to learn and grow and is expected to make mistakes, then be helped to fix those mistakes and that’s called learning. Teachers must understand that we see students only a fraction of the day and don’t know what goes on when they leave our care, but to be mindful of how what we say and do has an impact on that person long after they leave us.

Students must also have respect for the teacher. They need to know or understand and ultimately appreciate that the teacher’s role is in their lives, which is to provide for them in ways their parents cannot. The fact that teachers are really on the side of the students is lost to many of them to the point we are often viewed as the adversary

When both teachers and students play the game of school under behavior that fosters mutual respect, the game becomes much more ideal for both.

The relationship between a student and teacher is, from the teacher's perspective, a professional one. The teacher's job is to be sure that the student, to the best of his/her ability, learns and makes progress in the field in which the teacher teaches. A teacher can be friendly with a student and there is no problem in that.

A teacher can help a student who is having difficulties by listening and perhaps making suggestions, but also by being sure to let others (administrators, counselors) know about the issues. The teacher cannot and should not take all of that responsibility onto him/her. If a student is having trouble at home and confides in a teacher, the teacher can listen sympathetically and then suggest that the student see the counselor. A teacher should not trespass into these areas--the student is only presenting one side of the story, of course.

To be successful as a teacher, Teachers should become friends with students. Today's students need to be motivated to learn, if they feel the professor is a resource, a mentor or even a friend then they will experience a degree of reassurance in their abilities.

Teachers are not simply teachers to have students go through these programs like widgets. They are developers of leaders, thinkers, creators, etc. It requires us to transcend conventional roles and evolve to a more purposeful role in today's educational environment.

  • A teacher needs to be able to relate to students on multiple levels.

  • They need to be like a parent, guiding and encouraging the students to make a better life for themselves.

  • They need to be a mentor, imparting knowledge and wisdom on the children to help them grow.

  • They need to be a friend, someone they feel they can talk to if something is bothering them.

  • They need to be a guardian, protecting them from harm; in the many forms it may come in.

  • Teachers also need to know how best to relate to a student in different situations and with each student on an individual level. There are some students you can be friendlier with and others that need a firmer hand to guide them.


However, no matter what way you relate to students you must always remember you are not one of them, you are still the adult in the room and must always be that first and everything else second. A lot of teachers get in trouble when they act like they are the student’s peers.

The relationship between teacher and student is very special. Every person in life has a teacher who taught what they are for and what they are capable of. Teachers play a key role in every student life because they encourage the students to learn new things .Even if they fail they give their support and encouragement to stand again and rise from the fall. They treat their students as their own children which help in their difficult situations. Even students also treat their teachers as like their parents. Teachers are no less than parents to students. Teachers give their all efforts to teach the student’s .When a student is successful then their teacher is the happiest person in the world after their parents. The teacher student bond is very precious. Teachers help the students to achieve their goals. A positive relationship with their teacher helps a student feel comfortable and safe. A teacher can change a student's life from bad to good one. They have the responsibility to take care of their students. The positive relationship of student and teacher has a large impact on their student’s achievements. They share all their knowledge and experience with students for not making the mistakes that they have done previously. They want the best life for their students .They are ready to do anything in order to provide a better life to the students. The relationship improves the student behavior and motivates them to learn new things. A teacher’s presence in a student's life can guide them to be more valuable in life. Although we have more information and details on the internet, the teacher explaining things is different from reading the information on the internet.

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