Follow a fixed routine. Study while you study and play while you play. Games and Sports are equally important to Studies because it is easy to concentrate if you stay healthy physically and emotionally.

·      Start from the beginning. Have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the subject and proceed on.

·      Study with full concentration of mind.

·      Make a habit of writing notes or summaries of what you have read. It helps in remembering the topic. 


Avoid Stress and Tension during exams


In order to avoid tension and stress during exams it is necessary to pay attention to your studies throughout the year and not merely at the time of exams.

I suggest to you a formula that I always follow.

That is Do your best and Leave the rest.” If you follow this formula, it can help you to overcome your exam tension and stress.

Don’t mind failures, they are quite common. If you work hard, you will surely get good results today or tomorrow.

Choosing books from Right Source to Study

Books from Right Source play a vital role in the learning process. It can guide you not only in your career but also in life.

One can select books depending upon their requirement from as they provide a wide variety of books depending on the requirement of students. sells all school books of various boards like CBSE, ICSE, NCERT, Reference Books, Competitive Exam Books, Stationery, DPS Books, BSC Books, BCOM Books, BMS Books, BAMMC Books, LAW Books, Engineering Books. I found SchoolChamp as a one stop shop for all kinds of books, stationary, accessories, project kits and everything a student needs in school and college.



How to Study?

It is quite natural for your mind to get distracted during studies. Please impress upon your mind the importance of getting good marks in exams for success in your career.

Be confident. Don’t become anxious whether you will get good marks or not. Have faith in yourself.

Understand what you study. Don’t try to memorize the subject blindly.

At the end of the day spend a few minutes revising the subject you have read.

Be consistent in performing the process. If you follow it consistently you can be able to score good marks in exams and also it helps in becoming a better person.


Why do I have to study?

If you are thinking that you are studying for getting good marks and for getting a job with high pay, then it is totally wrong. Good marks alone don’t make you successful in life. It is how many marks you get by understanding the subject that matters. Therefore, try to study with the idea of absorbing and retaining the knowledge.

Education improves confidence levels throughout life. It plays a major role in shaping our careers. Education has no age limit. It is better to say education is a journey not a destination.

People of any age can get education at any time. Investment in education pays the best interest. Education helps you to understand the situation and react accordingly. It changes the way of thinking and perspective of looking at the world.

Education is more than about getting a great job. Ideally it should make the person more tolerant and open to new experiences. It should make one a better citizen, one who understands complex policy issues better. But mostly it just makes someone a more complete person.


Tips to students:

  • Study your class lessons thoroughly every day.

  • Be regular in diet, games and physical exercises.

  • Develop good character, memory and health with great care.

  • Before commencing studies, withdraw the mind from all sides.

  • Read carefully with concentration.

  • Spend a few minutes revising the topics you read.

  • Never mind failures. What is done is done and cannot be undone. Forget the past and build the future.

  • Make a habit of writing notes while reading.

  • Have a clear understanding of fundamentals while you study.

  • Be confident while you are performing in exams.


In my opinion education should always open new doors, give you a wider menu of always to spend your time. And a good education not only should make you a better human being it should also make you a more interesting one. I would like to give one piece of advice to students - you must refer to relevant books, which you can easily buy from any online bookstore like SchoolChamp.

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