Ruskin Bond-When The Clock Strikes Thirteen

Ruskin Bond-When The Clock Strikes Thirteen

  • Publisher : Rupa Publications
  • Author: Ruskin Bond
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    Concerning the Book: When the Clock Strikes Thirteen, she was sick on Thursday, dead on Friday, and glad that Tom was going to bury his wife on Sunday night on Saturday night. Ruskin Bond is widely recognized for his captivating tales and is adored for the potent realism of his short stories. This eclectic collection of fourteen stories—from humor and horror to warm and soul-stirring—is told in his unique style. Goosebumps are provided by spooks and haunted mansions, while stories of Fosterganj, where lizards are chased to prepare magic oil, coexist with classics like "A Long Walk for Bina" and "Grandfather's Earthquake." Few authors can produce tales that are as captivating.

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