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A Text Book Of ICSE Physical Education Class 9

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    The All New Textbook of Physical Education for Class 9 2023 edition has been prepared by Oswal Publishers following the new course structure (2023) introduced by the ICSE Council. The updated syllabus aims to help educate students about the requirements for healthy living and the nutrition, exercise and relaxation required by the human body. It is an interactive and involving text. Section A covers the Biology and Nutritional topics and Section B covers the various games and their details as per the new syllabus. We hope this book will further develop an interest among the students for Physical Education.

    Oswal’s Textbook of ICSE Physical Education Class 9 is a fine handbook that caters well to the need of generating self awareness among children regarding the importance of sports and physical activity in human life.

    How can you benefit from Physical Education Class 9 for ICSE Students?

    • Phyiscal Education Class 9 ICSE Solutions book elaborates in great details the most fundamental processes of human physiology such as Human Respiratory System, Muscular System and Circulatory System in section 1 and then moves on to specific and detailed formats of some popular sports enjoyed in the world in section 2 such as Cricket, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball and others.

    • This Physical Education Class 9 textbook aims to inculcate in each child a conscious awareness of the kind of sports enjoyed in the country, the general mechanics of the game and encourages them to develop a spirit of sportsmanship with a strong sense for maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind.

    • 9th Physical Education Textbook also has Performance tables towards the end of the book.

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