Accounting and Financial Management -2 Fybcom Sem 2 Sheth Publication B.Com Sem 2 -

Accounting and Financial Management -2 FYBcom Sem 2 Sheth Publication

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    Accounting and Financial Management -2 FYBcom Sem 2 Sheth Publication  as per syllabus of Mumbai university 2023 edition

    Module 1 : Accounting Standards issued by ICAI and Inventory Valuation  (15 Lec.)
    ♦ Accounting Standards:
    Concepts, Benefits, Procedures for Issue of Accounting Standards
    Various AS :
    AS – 1 : Disclosure of Accounting Policies
    (a) Purpose (b) Areas of Policies (c) Disclosure of Policies (d) Disclosure of Change in Policies (e) Illustrations
    AS – 2 : Valuation of Inventories (Stock)
    (a) Meaning, Definition (b) Applicability (c) Measurement of Inventory
    (d) Disclosure in Final Account (e) Explanation with Illustrations.
    AS – 9 : Revenue Recognition
    (a) Meaning and Scope (b) Transactions excluded (c) Sale of Goods (d) Rendering of Services (e) Effects of Uncertainties (f) Disclosure (g) Illustrations
    ♦ Inventory Valuation
    Meaning of Inventories
    Cost for Inventory Valuation
    Inventory Systems : Periodic Inventory System and Perpetual Inventory System
    Valuation : Meaning and Importance
    Methods of Stock Valuation as per AS – 2 : FIFO and Weighted Average Method
    Computation of Valuation of Inventory as on balance sheet date: If inventory is taken on a date after the balance sheet or before the balance sheet

    The book consists of:

    1. Accounting from Incomplete Records: Introduction Problems on preparation of final accounts of Proprietary Trading Concern(conversion method)
    2. Consignment Accounts:-Accounting for consignment transactions Valuation of stock Invoicing of goods at higher price(excluding overriding commission,normal/abnormal losses)
    3. Branch Accounts:-Meaning/ Classification of branch Accounting for Dependent Branch not maintaining full books: Debtors methodStock and debtors method
    4. Fire Insurance Claim:-Computation of Loss of Stock by Fire Ascertainment of Claim as per the Insurance Policy Exclude: Loss of Profit and Consequential Loss.

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