Cambridge Connection Mathematics Class 6 | Latest Edition

Cambridge Connection Mathematics Level 6 Class 6 | Latest Edition

  • Publisher : Cambridge University Press
  • Author: Rupesh Pathak, Vaishali Bhatia
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    Cambridge Connection Mathematics Class 6  conforms to the guidelines released by the ICSE and keeping in view certain key highlights of the NEP 2020.
    The primary aim of designing the content is to present opportunities to students to gain mastery over core essentials, and make space for critical thinking, holistic, inquiry-based, perception-based, self-analysis based and adaptive learning. The tools and strategies deployed for learning will teach students fundamental maths skills, giving them the confidence to cope with challenges as well as think critically and analytically to solve problems in the real world.

    Riddles/Poems – Interesting riddles, poems to stimulate learners with a surprise element
    Learning Objectives – Listing the learning objectives being covered in the chapter
    Warm-up – To revise the concepts related to the topic studied in previous classes
    Activities – Individual and group work project/activity for better understanding of the concepts
    Maths Connect – Linking concepts to the learners’ lives outside the classroom and with other subjects/fields
    Mental Maths – Short exercises in the form of fill in the blanks, true or false,mental arithmetic
    HOTS – Questions to make the learners think out-of-the-box
    Mind Gym/Maths Superpower – Case studies/Puzzles for real-life application
    Concept Check – Asking students conceptual questions to pre-empt mistakes
    Revision Exercise – Questions to reinforce/assess learning
    Summary – Key concepts learnt in the chapter
    Vocabulary – New terms and words listed for quick reference
    Enrichment – Going beyond the concept to learn something new but still relevantto the topic
    Test Paper and Unit Test Paper – Assignments to assist students to practice concepts
    Story Time – Concept recapitulation through an interesting comprehension andpractice exercise
    Posters – Applying the concepts to solve puzzles

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