Cambridge Connection Science Class 3

Cambridge Connection Science Class 3

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    Cambridge Connection Science for ICSE Schools Class 3 to class 5 is a well-graded series.The aim of the series is to make the understanding of science an enjoyable and enlightening experience for the young learners. It facilitates development of a

    variety of scientific skills, such as observation, investigation, research, analysis,planning, experimentation and asking questions. The series, thus, ensures a complete holistic learning for the young learners as they undertake a fun-filled journey through the world of science.

    Key Features

    Chapter Objectives learning objectives at the beginning of the chapter

    Let’s Begin stimulating activities and examples that introduce the chapter

    Quick Check in-text questions to encourage self-learning and self-assessment

    Action Time to-do activities to help in understanding the concepts

    Info Hub interesting facts related to the concept

    Key Terms glossary of scientifi c terms

    Quick Notes summarises the chapter

    Teaching Tips cues for teachers to help create rich learning experience

    Run-through complete revision of the chapter through well-planned exercises

    Challenge questions to encourage higher order thinking skills

    Enrichment extends the learning beyond the book

    Know Your Scientist outlines the work done by leading scientists

    Scientific Quest projects on specifi c topics

    Picture Survey supports learning through image-based activities

    Enjoy Science includes fun activities, puzzles and crosswords

    Rapid Fire quick revision through a variety of tasks and exercises

    Practice Test Papers assignments for the additional practice

    Case Study situations (connected to real-life), designed to help the students to fi nd

    solutions to tasks, and help in decision making

    Go Green! application of science in making environment

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