Cambridge School Grammar Class 7 | Latest Edition

Cambridge School Grammar Class 7 | Latest Edition

  • Publisher : Cambridge University Press
  • Author: Geetha Rajeevan , Indira Srinivasan ,Nirmala Jairaj
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  • Description :

    The third edition of the Cambridge School Grammar Class 7 takes a holistic approach towards the development of the learners’ knowledge of English grammar, which plays a vital role in communication. The course aims to teach English grammar with equal emphasis on the form and the communicative function of each grammatical structure. Since grammar plays an important role in the development of the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing,the tasks in every unit integrate grammar with these skills.A newly introduced section on Composition provides a variety of guided writing

    tasks that aim to give practice opportunities to learners in writing coherent and cohesive pieces on a variety of topics using the grammatical structures learnt at each level.
    This edition focuses on the key principles highlighted in the National Education Policy, 2020, such as emphasizing conceptual understanding; critical thinking and creativity; experiential learning; the promotion of peer tutoring; and the development of 21st century skills. In addition, this is a light grammar course,aimed at reducing the weight of school bags, as is suggested by the policy.
    Key Features
    • A holistic approach to the teaching of grammar
    • Simple explanation of the use of structures
    • Integration of grammar with LSRW, with a new Let us read section
    • Promotion of thinking and editing skills
    • Exercises to promote the use of structures in real-life contexts
    • Passive vocabulary enrichment
    • Visual Maps to help recapitulate learning
    • Four Revision sections
    • New Common Error sheets in levels 3 to 8 to point out exceptions to the rules, and
    common errors
    • New Composition section
    • New Posters on grammar games
    • New Self-assessment box with each grammar unit

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