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Collins English Grammar & Composition Class 7

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    This revised edition of Collins English Grammar and Composition is a carefully graded series spanning eight levels, which aims to enable learners to master the rules of the English language so that they can use it with ease.

    • A Self-assessment Test helps the learner determine the learner’s competency level
    • Let’s Get Started acts as an introduction to the topic
    • Definitions of key grammar terms are given in simple, clear language
    • Grammar Bytes highlight additional facts related to the topic
    • Watch Out! lists common errors and exceptions to rules
    • Extensive exercises and practice drills reinforce concept acquisition
    • Don’t Forget! does a quick recap of the important points in the unit
    • Let Us Write includes guided and independent writing tasks related to the unit
    • Three periodic Tests help learners evaluate their progress
    • The comprehension and composition units hone reading and writing skills
    • Grammar on the Go revisits important grammar concepts by focusing on usage
    • Vocabulary units cover common usage structures encountered in speech and writing.

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