Communicate with Cambridge Class 1 Workbook | Latest Edition

Communicate with Cambridge Class 1 Workbook | Latest Edition

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  • Description :

    Communicate with Cambridge Class 1 Workbook is a comprehensive course for the teaching and learning of English for classes 1–8. The course aims to develop communication skills in students by integrating the essential language skills of listening, speaking,reading and writing. It has well-graded grammar and vocabulary sections to help students grasp core language structures and enrich their expression.

    The revised edition has been enhanced based on user feedback as well as the requirements of both the latest curriculum as well as the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020.

    Key Features :

    • Content closely aligned to the NEP tenets: to ensure better participation of learners in an interactive classroom and to help teachers create a more enriching teaching-learning experience
    • Warm-up tasks: a variety of fun-ƒ lled pre-reading activities
    • Glossary: an exhaustive list of meanings of unfamiliar words and expressions
    • Reading/Understanding the Poem: well-graded questions to promote active reading, critical thinking, communication and collaborative reading
    • Appreciation: explores poetic elements and introduces literary devices Using Grammar: core grammatical concepts taught with relevant examples and ample practice
    • Using Words: presents words, expressions and collocations to enable both accurate and appropriate use of language
    • Study skills: tasks to use the dictionary for meanings and spellings Assessment of Speaking and Listening: consolidated unit with listening,speaking and pronunciation exercises to develop aural–oral skills
    • Writing: carefully graded writing tasks using the process approach
    • Life Skills Activity: tasks to encourage experiential learning, application,raising self-awareness and developing interpersonal skills like collaboration and communication
    • Enrichment Activity: tasks that enhance creativity, confidence and communication skills
    • Revision: assessment at regular intervals keeping in mind the requirement of the NEP, with a new Grammar Corner section in the higher classes
    • Do You Remember?: a section included at the beginning of coursebook 1, designed for the continuous review of topics learnt in the pre-primary years

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