Control Systems: Principles and Design by By M. Gopal

Control Systems: Principles and Design by By M. Gopal

  • Publisher : McGraw Hill Education
  • Author: M. Gopal
  • Edition: 2023
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  • Description :
    • Control Systems: Principles and Design by By M. Gopal 4th Edition book offers a comprehensive treatment of control engineering with a strong balance of analysis and design, mathematics and practice, and theory and hardware; written in a user-friendly style that has ushered in a refreshing excitement in the teaching and learning of the subject. For a first course at the introductory level, it provides a solid foundation of frequency-domain design methods for analysis and design of continuous time control systems, which form the essentials for industrial practice.
      1. Introduction To The Control Problem
      2. System Models And Response: Transfer Function, Block Diagram, Signal Flow Graph
      3. Development Of Models For Industrial Control Devices And Systems
      4. Use Of Feedback For Control Of Uncertain Systems
      5. Concepts Of Stability And The Routh Stability Criterion
      6. Performance Specifications On System Time Response
      7. Pid Control
      8. Root Locus Plots And System Stability
      9. Compensator Design Using Root Locus Plots
      10. Nyquist/Bode Frequency Response Plots And System Stability
      11. Performance Specifications On System Frequency Response
      12. Compensator Design Using Bode Plots 13. Digital Control Systems
      14. Control System Analysis Using State Variable Methods
      15. Control System Design Using State Variable Methods
      16. Nonlinear Systems Analysis

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