Corporate Communication and Public Relations TYBMS Sem 5 Vipul Prakashan

Corporate Communication and Public Relations TYBMS Sem 5 Vipul Prakashan

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  • Author: Romeo S. Mascarenhas
  • Edition: 2024
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    Corporate Communication and Public Relations TYBMS  Sem 5 Vipul Book is base on latest updated syllabus and paper pattern prescribed by Mumbai University for BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) 3rd Year semester 5 published by Vipul Prakashan. The knowledge gained through the study of this subject will be useful to the students of all through their in Management professional lives

    (1)     Foundation of Corporate Communication:

    • Corporate Communication: Scope and Relevance:
    • Introduction, Meaning, Scope, Corporate Communication in India, Need/Relevance of Corporate Communication in Contemporary Scenario.
    • Keys concept in Corporate Communication:
    • Corporate Identity: Meaning and Features, Corporate Image: Meaning, Factors Influencing Corporate Image, Corporate Reputation: Meaning, Advantages of Good Corporate Reputation.
    • Ethics and Law in Corporate Communication:
    • Importance of Ethics in Corporate Communication, Corporate Communication and Professional Code of Ethics, Mass Media Laws: Defamation, Invasion of Privacy, Copyright Act, Digital Piracy, RTI.

    (2)     Understanding Public Relations:

    • Fundamental of Public Relations:
    • Introduction, Meaning, Essentials of Public Relations, Objectives of Public Relations, Scope of Public Relations, Significance of Public Relations in Business.
    • Emergence of Public Relations:
    • Tracing Growth of Public Relations, Public Relations in India, Reasons for Emerging International Public Relations.
    • Public Relations Environment:
    • Introduction, Social and Cultural Issues, Economic Issues, Political Issues, Legal Issues.
    • Theories used in Public Relations:
    • Systems Theory, Situational Theory, Social Exchange Theory, Diffusion Theory.

    (3)     Functions of Corporate Communication and Public Relations:

    • Media Relations:
    • Introduction, Importance of Media Relations, Sources of Media Information, Building Effective Media Relations, Principles of Good Media Relations.
    • Employee Communication:
    • Introduction, Sources of Employee Communications, Organizing Employee Communications, Benefits of Good Employee Communications, Steps in Implementing An Effective Employee Communications Programme, Role of Management in Employee Communications.
    • Crisis Communication:
    • Introduction, Impact of Crisis, Role of Communication in Crisis, Guidelines for Handling Crisis, Trust Building.
    • Financial Communication:
    • Introduction, Tracing the Growth of Financial Communication in India, Audiences for Financial Communication, Financial Advertising.

    (4)     Emerging Technology in Corporate Communication and Public Relations:

    • Contribution of Technology to Corporate Communication:
    • Introduction, Today‚Äôs Communication Technology, Importance of Technology to Corporate Communication, Functions of Communication Technology in Corporate Communication, Types of Communication Technology, New Media: Web Conferencing, Really Simple Syndication (RSS).
    • Information Technology in Corporate Communication:
    • Introduction, E-media Relations, E-internal Communication, E-brand Identity and Company Reputation.
    • Corporate Blogging:
    • Introduction, Defining Corporate Blogging, Characteristics of a Blog, Types of Corporate Blogs, Role of Corporate Blogs, Making a Business Blog.

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