Financial Management TYBcom Sem 5 Sheth Publication

Financial Management TYBcom Sem 5 Sheth Publication

  • Publisher : Sheth
  • Author: Chopde,Chaudhary,kukreja
  • Edition: 2024
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     1. Introduction to Financial Management

    ♦ Definition, Nature and Functions of Financial Management
    ♦ Objectives of Financial Management
    ♦ Importance of Financial Management and Limitations
    ♦ Preparation of Financial Statements adhering to Current Statutory Requirements

    2. Study of Financial Statements
    ♦ Objectives of Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation
    ♦ Steps involved in the Analysis of Financial Statements
    ♦ Comparative Statements
    ♦ Common Size Statements
    ♦ Trend Analysis

    3. Ratio Analysis
    ♦ Ratio Analysis – Meaning and Objectives and Classification of Ratios – Traditional Classification, Functional Classification and Classification from the point of view of Users
    ♦ Balance Sheet Ratios – Current Ratio, Liquid Ratio, Proprietary Ratio, Stock-Working Capital Ratio, Capital Gearning Ratio, Debt Equity Ratio
    ♦ Revenue Statement Ratios – Gross Profit Ratio, Operating Ratio, Expense Ratios, Net Profit Ratio, Stock Turnover Ratio
    ♦ Combined Ratios – Return on Capital Employed, Return on Proprietor’s Funds, Return on Equity Share Capital, Debtors’ Turnover Ratio (Debtors’ Velocity), Earning Per Share, Dividend Payout Ratio, Price Earning Ratio
    ♦ Importance and Limitations of Accounting Ratios

    4. Sources of Finance and Cash Flow Analysis
    ♦ Classification of Sources of Finance with reference to period, ownership and source of generation
    ♦ Internal and External Financing including choice of financial instruments
    ♦ Cash Flow Statement – Meaning and Classification
    ♦ Uses of Cash Flow Statement
    ♦ Preparation of Cash Flow Statement – Direct and Indirect

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