French Rencontres Part-1 Class 11 Maharashtra State Board

French Rencontres Part-1 Class 11 Maharashtra State Board

  • Publisher : Maharashtra State Board
  • Author: Maharashtra State Board
  • Edition: 2024
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    We are happy to introduce the new French language course book for Std. 11 Maharashtra State Board based on the revised curriculum for French at the Higher Secondary level. We would like to familiarize our students and their teachers with the contents of this book. Written with the primary aim of teaching French in an effective and simple manner, this course book introduces students to contemporary France, its culture and its people through its attractively designed pages.

    The skills that we seek to develop through this course book are as follows:

    • Study skills – An attempt has been made to help students develop curiosity for French language and culture. We have also attempted to give a glimpse into the civilization of a few French speaking countries. This should help widen the horizons of the students, make them more receptive to new ideas and tolerant towards people of other cultures.

    • Writing skills – The students will learn to do creative writing of different forms in present day situations, such as blog, dialogue, email and picture postcard writing. They will be able to write simple, structurally correct, coherent sentences in French language.

    • Reading skills – The students should be encouraged to read aloud, appreciate and acquire the pronunciation of French words. To this effect a phonetic chart with examples has been provided in the course book. They should read in order to understand the general meaning and decode specific information from authentic documents

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