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Full Marks Class 9 English Language And Literature

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    Book Description FULL MARKS English Language & Literature-9 has been thoroughly revised. The book is strictly written according to the CBSE and NCERT recommendations. The book contains three sections. Section A: Reading—This section comprises Factual, Discursive and Literary passages with questions and answers which will enable the students to comprehend and describe any events effectively. Section B: Writing and Grammar—This section describes the art of writing diary entries, articles and story. In diaries and articles, hints and in story, outlines have been provided to enable the students to write letters, articles and story without any difficulties. Besides, this section contains Grammar Detailed Resource Material with a number of exercises and their solutions. Section C: Literature Textbooks and Long Reading Text—This section contains textbook BEEHIVE (English Reader) and MOMENTS (Supplementary Reader) and long reading texts—Gulliver’s Travels—by Jonathan Swift and Three Men in a Boat—by Jerome K. Jerome.

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