Human Resource Management M.Com Part 1 Sem 1 NEP 2020 Sheth Publication

Human Resource Management M.Com Part 1 Sem 1 NEP 2020 Sheth Publication

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  • Author: Praveen Nagpal
  • Edition: 2023
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    • Human Resource Management  M.Com Part 1 Sem 1 As per NEP 2020 Sheth Publication  is base on latest updated syllabus and paper pattern prescribed by Mumbai University for M.Com 1 Year semester 1 published by Sheth Publication. The knowledge gained through the study of this subject will be useful to the Post Graduate students of all through their in Accounting & Finance professional lives.

      (As Per NEP 2020)



      MODULE – 1
      Unit 1 : Human Resource Management, Planning and Development
      (a) Human Resource Management – Meaning, Importance and Evolution, Recent Trends in HRM, New HR Strategies to Deal with Challenges in HRM, Changing Role of HR Management, Jobs and Careers in HRM
      (b) Human Resource Planning – Meaning and Importance, Determinants of HRP, Benefits and Barriers to HRP, Job Analysis and Design, Techniques of Job Design, Meaning of Recruitment, Recruitment Process, Factors Governing Recruitment, Meaning of Selection, Steps in Selection Process, Types of Tests
      Unit 2 : Training and Development, Performance Appraisal
      (a) Introduction and Need for Training, Methods and Types of Training, Process / Steps in Training Programmer, Evaluation of the Effective Training Programme, Career Advancement and Knowledge Enrichment
      (b) Performance Appraisal – Meaning, Process, Methods, Limitations and Challenges of Performance Appraisal, Legal Issues Associated with Performance Appraisal

      MODULE – 2
      Unit 3 : Health and Safety, Labour Legislation and Industrial Disputes
      (a) Safety Measures and Safety Programmes, Job Stress and Its Impact on Job Performance, Role of Organisation in Ensuring Mental and Physical Health of Employees, Need of Work life Balance
      (b) Recent Changes to Employees Acts like Payment of, Gratuity Act, Provident Fund Act, Minimum Wages Act, Workmen Compensation Act, ESI Scheme. Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (POSH), Nature, Causes of Industrial Disputes, Prevention and Settlement of Industrial Disputes, Succession Planning – Culture, Problems and Issues of Succession Planning
      Unit 4 : Emerging Issues In H.R.M.
      (a) International Human Resource Management, HR Ethical Issues, CSR and HRM, Human Resource Audit, Revamping of HR strategies in managing Disasters like health pandemics, HR and Business Environment
      (b) Professional Intelligence Principles, Employee Engagement, Managing Gen Z, Talent Management Concept, Importance, Process, VUCA Environment (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), Work-Life Balance

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