ICSE Environmental Science Part-II For Class 10 by Huma Syed

ICSE Environmental Science Part-II For Class 10 by Huma Syed

  • Publisher : Goyal Brother Publication
  • Author: Huma Syed
  • Edition: 2023
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    ICSE Environmental Science Part-II For Class 10 by Huma Syed by Book Stackers for 2024 onward book has been designed to meet the needs of the students who have opted for Environmental Applications at the plus two level. 

    Books like "Environmental Science Part II" for ICSE Class 10 are typically designed to cover various aspects of environmental science as per the ICSE curriculum. Some common topics that may be covered in such textbooks include:

    1. Typically, ICSE environmental science textbooks cover a range of topics related to environmental issues, conservation, and sustainable development. Here are some common themes that may be covered in a textbook like "ICSE Environmental Science Part II":

      1. Ecosystems: Understanding the structure and functioning of ecosystems, including different types and their components.

      2. Biodiversity: Exploring the diversity of life on Earth, conservation strategies, and the importance of protecting endangered species.

      3. Natural Resources: Studying the management and sustainable use of natural resources such as water, soil, forests, and minerals.

      4. Pollution: Examining various types of pollution (air, water, soil) and their causes, effects, and preventive measures.

      5. Waste Management: Addressing issues related to waste generation, disposal, and the importance of proper waste management practices.

      6. Climate Change: Understanding the science of climate change, its impacts on the environment, and measures to mitigate climate change.

      7. Environmental Laws and Policies: Learning about national and international laws and policies aimed at environmental protection and conservation.

      To obtain specific details about "ICSE Environmental Science Part II for Class 10" by Huma Syed, I recommend checking with local bookstores, educational institutions, or online platforms that specialize in ICSE textbooks. You can also visit the official website of the publisher or the ICSE board for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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