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ISC Geography class 11by D. R. Khullar kalyani Publication

  • Publisher : Kalyani Publication
  • Author: D. R. Khulla
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    ISC Geography class 11 by D. R. Khullar kalyani Publication for 2025 examination.

    "D.R. Khullar's ISC Geography class 11" is a popular textbook for students studying geography at the Indian School Certificate (ISC) level. It is published by Kalyani Publishers and covers a wide range of topics in both physical and human geography.

    The book is divided into two parts: Part I covers physical geography topics such as the earth's structure, landforms, climate, and natural resources. Part II covers human geography topics such as population, settlement, transport, and trade.

    The book also includes several maps, diagrams, and illustrations to help students understand the concepts better. Additionally, it provides practice exercises at the end of each chapter to help students test their understanding of the topics covered.

    Overall, "ISC Geography class 11 by D. R. Khullar" is a comprehensive textbook that provides a strong foundation in geography for ISC students.

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