Marketing Research TYBcom Sem 5 Sheth Publication

Marketing Research TYBcom Sem 5 Sheth Publication

  • Publisher : Sheth
  • Author: Dr Vijaya krishna
  • Edition: 2023
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     1. Introduction to Marketing Research (12 Lec.)

    (a) Marketing Research – Definition, Features, Functions, Signifiance of Marketing Research in Marketing Decision Making, Limitations of Marketing Research
    (b) Steps in Marketing Research, Ethics in Marketing Research, Career Options in Marketing Research, Qualities of a Good Marketing Research Professional
    (c) Marketing Information System – Definition, Components, Essentials of a Good MIS,
    Concept of Decision Support System – Components, Importance
    Data Mining – Concept, Importance

    2. Planning Research (11 Lec.)
    (a) Research Design – Concept, Importance, Types
    Hypothesis – Concept, Types, Importance
    (b) Questionnaire – Concept, Types of Questions, Steps in the Preparation of Questionnaire, Essentials of a Good Questionnaire
    (c) Sampling – Concept, Terms in Sampling, Techniques of Sampling, Essentials of a Good Sampling

    3. Data Collection (11 Lec.)
    (a) Primary Data – Concept, Merits, Demerits, Methods
    (b) Secondary Data – Concept, Merits, Demerits, Sources
    (c) Qualitative and Quantitative Research – Concept, Features, Qualitative v/s Quantitative Research
    Integrating Technology in Data Collection, Methods (Online Surveys, hand held devices, text messages, social networking), Importance

    4. Data Processing, Analysis, Reporting (11 Lec.)
    (a) Stages in Data Processing
    Editing – Meaning, Objectives, Types
    Coding – Meaning, Guidelines
    Classification – Meaning, Methods
    Tabulation – Meaning, Methods
    (b) Data Analysis and Interpretation
    Data Analysis – Meaning, Steps, Use of Statistical Tools (SPSS, SAS, MS EXCEL, MINITAB)
    Data Interpretation – Meaning, Importance, Stages
    (c) Report Writing – Concept, Types, Contents, Essentials, Use of Visual Aids in Research Report

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