Nootan ISC Physics Class 11 by Kumar, Mittal | 2024-25 Edition

Nootan ISC Physics Class 11 by Kumar, Mittal | 2024-25 Edition

  • Publisher : Nageen Prakashan
  • Author: Kumar, Mittal
  • Edition: 2024-25
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    Nootan ISC Physics for Class 11 2024-25 edition
    This is a Class 11 text book for ISC students, neat coverage of all topics , useful for students preparing for exams. It's been considered as best book having separate problem & solution section with formulas explained. Questions with solutions are the end of each chapter. 

    The Nootan ISC Physics book series for Class 11 is a popular set of textbooks used by students studying Physics in the Indian School Certificate (ISC) curriculum. While I don't have access to specific details about the Nootan ISC Physics Class 11 books, here are some general features you can expect:

    1. Comprehensive Coverage: The Nootan ISC Physics books provide comprehensive coverage of the ISC Physics syllabus for Class 11. They cover various topics in physics, including mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics.

    2. Conceptual Explanation: The books aim to provide a clear understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of Physics. They typically include detailed explanations, derivations, examples, and illustrations to help students grasp the concepts effectively.

    3. Diagrams and Illustrations: To aid visual learning and comprehension, the Nootan ISC Physics books often include diagrams, graphs, circuit diagrams, and other visual representations of physical phenomena and concepts.

    4. Practice Questions and Exercises: The books may include a variety of practice questions, exercises, and numerical problems to reinforce understanding and enhance problem-solving skills. These exercises may include multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and numerical problems.

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