Ruskin Bond-In Grandfather’s Garden

Ruskin Bond-In Grandfather’s Garden

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  • Author: Ruskin Bond
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  • Description :
    The book was published a few months later, printed in secret, of course. And there was a picture of me and another of the dead leopard following its hunt. However, the captions were jumbled by the neighborhood printer. Upon seeing the image of the dead animal, the line "Well-known author Ruskin Bond" appeared. "Dreaded man-eater, shot after it had killed its 26th victim," read the legend on my picture. In this delightful and irresistible collection, playful snakes, monkeys, crocodiles, and old favorites like the Grandfather, Aunt Mabel, Uncle Ken, Ms. Bun, Ranji, Foster, and Ruskin Bond himself come together. Anything from a belt that catches on someone else's luggage to snakes strutting their stuff in front of a vanity to a priest reciting the burial service at sea during a

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