The law and literature by Shakuntala Bharwani

The law and literature by Shakuntala Bharwani

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  • Author: Dr. Shakuntala Bharwani
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    Himalaya Publication The law and literature by Shakuntala Bharwani book

    Contents -

    Prescribed for 1st year LL.B students (5-years course)

    1. The Merchant of Venice2. Joseph Andrews3. The Pickwick Papers4. Adam Bede5. Puddn'head Wilson6. Apology7. Of Judicature8. SomeRemincences of the Bat9. The Joy of Reading10. Why Indian Labour is Determined to Win the War?11. The Cop and the Anthem
    12. Murder13. A Time to Kill

    Prescribed for 2nd year LL.B students (5-years course)
    14. Justice15. Saint John16. A Passage to India17. Counseller-at-Law18. Nineteen Eighty-four19. Susan B. Anthony20. Brown v. Board of Education21. We Should All be Feminist - TED Talks22. Child Marriage23. Gender Equality Speech

    Literature For Analytical Study
    24. The Greek Interpreter25. A Jury of Her Peers26. The Judgement27. The Benefit of the Doubt28. The Case for Defence

    Editor's Choice
    Chapters 29,30 and 31
    These Chapters are Not in the Syllabus: But they are Interesting Reading Material

    29. The Great Trial30. Before the Law31. "I Have a Dream"

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