Wealth Management TYBMS Sem V Rishabh Publication

Wealth Management TYBMS Sem 5 Rishabh Publication

  • Publisher : Rishabh Publication
  • Author: Savita Bodke
  • Edition: 2024
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    Wealth Management TYBMS Sem 5 Rishabh Publication


    (1)     Introduction:    

    • Introduction To Wealth Management: Meaning of WM, Scope of WM, Components of WM, Process of WM, WM Needs and Expectation of Clients, Code of Ethics for Wealth Manager.
    • Personal Financial Statement Analysis: Financial Literacy, Financial Goals and Planning, Cash Flow Analysis, Building Financial Plans, Life Cycle Management.
    • Economic Environment Analysis: Interest Rate, Yield Curves, Real Return, Key Indicators-Leading, Lagging, Concurrent.

    (2)     Insurance Planning and Investment Planning:

    • Insurance Planning: Meaning, Basic Principles of Insurance, Functions and Characteristics of Insurance, Rights and Responsibilities of Insurer and Insured, Types of life Insurance Policies, Types of General Insurance Policies, Health Insurance – Mediclaim – Calculation of Human Life Value – Belth Method/CPT.
    • Investment Planning: Types of Investment Risk, Risk Profiling of Investors and Asset Allocation (Life Cycle Model), Asset Allocation Strategies (Strategic, Tactical, Life-Cycle based), Goal-based Financial Planning, Active and Passive Investment Strategies.

    (3)     Financial Mathematics / Tax and Estate Planning:    

    • Financial Mathematics: Calculation of Returns (CAGR, Post-tax Returns etc.), Total Assets, Net Worth Calculations, Financial Ratios.
    • Tax and Estate Planning: Tax Planning Concepts, Assessment Year, Financial Year, Income Tax Slabs, TDS, Advance Tax, LTCG, STCG, Carry Forward and Set-off, Estate Planning Concepts – Types of Will – Requirements of a Valid Will– Trust – Deductions – Exemptions.

    (4)     Retirement Planning / Income Streams and Tax Savings Schemes:

    • Retirement Planning: Understanding of different Salary Components, Introduction to Retirement Planning, Purpose and Need, Life Cycle Planning, Financial Objectives in Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation (Factors and Principles), Retirement (Evaluation and Planning), Pre and Post-Retirement Strategies – Tax Treatment.
    • Income Streams and Tax Savings Schemes: Pension Schemes, Annuities- Types of Annuities, Various Income Tax Savings

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